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Activity Ideas for Women’s Ministry
Julia Bettencourt

All Christian ladies need a fun night out or a day away with some other Christian ladies just to have a good relaxing time of fellowship.

Here are some suggestions to use with your local church ladies group.

Awareness Meeting
• Highlight support for fighting one of the cancers (or several).
• Walk together for various cures such as Relay for Life.
• See if there are any good causes in your community that your ladies group can participate in.
• October is a good month to plan something like this because it is designated as
• Breast Cancer Awareness month.
• Pink Rain Women’s Ministry Theme
• My Breast Cancer Awareness Pinterest Board

Birthday Bash
• Celebrate all of your ladies birthdays at once.
• Serve birthday cake
• Make everyone fee special
• A good time to share testimonies about “second birthdays” and our personal salvation experiences.
• Worth Celebrating Devotional
• Birthdays Worth Celebrating Women’s Ministry Theme

Book Club
• Read through a good book together.
• Meet for discussion.

Camping Party
• Camp outdoors or in.
• Roast S’mores and have camping food.
• Share testimonies around a fire (or fire pit on someone’s deck)
• More of Jesus Devotional
• Give Me S’more! (of Jesus)Women’s Ministry Theme

Church Clean Up Day
• Do some deep cleaning at your church.
• Paint.
• Work on large projects.

Crafting Night
• Do a group craft project.
• Have a couple crafty ladies do a project demonstration.
• Do a Card Buffet. Have all the basics and embellishments for making a complete handmade or hand stamped card. Lay it out buffet style.
• Do any type of Craft Buffet. Have everything laid out and ready to go.
• Scrapbooking Night
• Quilting Night
• Scrapbook Memories Devotional
• A Few of My Favorite Things Devotional
• Scrapbook Memories Theme
• A Handmade Christmas Devotional
• A Handmade Christmas Theme
• See Julia’s Blog for crafty projects.

Event Booth
• Is your community doing something special such as Fourth of July Celebrations or Holiday Celebrations with booths available?
• Is there a place to have a Bake Sale Booth? A good way to get donations for your ladies group.
• Do a booth as a group.
• Have church cookbooks? A booth at a community event is a great way to get donations for them.
• Give away your woman’s ministry pamphlets.
• Perhaps give away something small such as a mini flag for July 4th, or any type of novelty such as a magnet with your ladies group info.
• Christmas Craft and Festival Booths – Got some crafty ladies that want to join together as a group and rent a booth?

Exchange Meetings (or Swap Parties)
• Plan a meeting around exchanges such as a used book, cookies, mugs, etc.
• See the Exchange Ideas for more information.

Exercise Emphasis Meeting
• Use a fitness video together to workout.

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