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Delegating Areas of Opportunity
By Julia Bettencourt

As a leader, there are some jobs you may never want to delegate in Women’s Ministry, but there are other areas that you can give your women opportunities for service. This allows the women to use their Spiritual gifts for ministry and also frees you up from carrying too much of the load.

If you serve in a larger church with several women’s ministry areas, you may need several committees for various jobs but the ones listed here are a good basis to start. These jobs are greatly beneficial if you hold monthly ladies meetings.

Service Opportunities:


Enlist someone to be in charge of keeping attendance at meetings.

Refreshments Coordinator.

If you have refreshments, have someone organize that for you.

Meeting Hostess.

If you don’t hold your meetings in homes, then have a hostess for each meeting. Someone who arrives early to greet the ladies coming in, make sure everyone has a chair, and pour coffee. Give her an apron to wear or make a crafty “hostess” necklace, pin, or bracelet that gets passed on to the next hostess. Be creative and it will incorporate another “fun” aspect to your meetings.


You will need someone to keep track of the money that comes in through your Women’s Ministry such as from fundraising, and offerings that are taken during meetings, etc.

Decorating Coordinator.

You may need an actual decorating committee for large events, but if you hold monthly meetings you may want to enlist someone to help you set up for each meeting. Especially if you have themed meetings, you could have them help with any decorating or setting up chairs, rearranging tables or anything you want to do special for a meeting.

Clean Up Crew.

Every meeting there will be something to clean up whether it’s just straightening chairs or putting things back in order.

Door Prize Coordinator.

Have someone you can brainstorm with over monthly or event door prizes. Get someone who could be responsible for picking up the items you need and packaging them.


You may want to do this job yourself if you have a smaller group of ladies, but if you have a large group that you need to keep up with, you may want to enlist someone to help you send out cards and make phone calls to the regulars who’ve missed meetings or to the new ladies within your church that you want to encourage to attend your women’s functions.

Copyright 2007 Julia Bettencourt

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