Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Issue 23-10

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Home Bible Studies
o One in Seven Thinks End of World is Coming Poll
o Science Agrees with The Bible: The Universe Began to Exist

o What Good Things Do We Teach in Ladies Ministry? 
How to Recruit a Steady Group of Great Volunteers

o How to Turn Bored Men into Bold Men for Jesus
NFL QB Jeff Kemp Calls Christian Men to Step It Up

Have Church Choirs Become Irrelevant?
5 Characteristics of Good Leaders

New Convert
o Characteristics of an Incorporated Member of and Incorporation Congregation
o Can a Congregation Receive New Members?

o Personal Evangelism
o The 11 Minute Difference, 7 Checkpoints to a Great Guest Experience at Your Church

Walking in the Power of The Spirit
o The Difference in Praying and Praying Through

Churches at Risk, Publicity Crisis
o Using Social Media in Your Church

Sunday School
o Three Doors to Church Growth 
o How to Breathe New Life Into Tired Sunday School Volunteers

o How to Defuse a Youth Ministry Bomb
o How Do You Use Student Volunteers?


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