Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Issue 23-12

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Home Bible Studies
o 10 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues
o You Too Can Teach a Home Bible Study

o Where Has All The Mentoring Gone?
Do Not Let Womens Ministry Turn People Into Projects

o Are You Manning Up in Your Marriage?
o Building Hardihood in Todays Christian Man

Where Are All the Old School Intercessors?
o 5 Ways That Praying in Tongues Will Change Your Life Forever

o Vocal Mixing For Live Events
Five Things That Cause Worship Leader Burnout, and One Remedy

New Convert
o Tips for Gooder Disciple Maker
o Evangelicals Admit Struggling to Find Time For Daily Bible Reading and Prayer

o Autopsy of a Deceased Church
o Sabermetrics

How to Use Social Media Effectively in the Church
o Technology & Promotion

Sunday School
o How to Get Some of the Easter Crowd to Come Back
o 9 Reasons You Should Make The Most of Big Days for Growth

o 4 Questions Every Youth Minister Should Ask
o #Connected


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