Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Issue 23-8


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Home Bible Studies
o How To Host Evangelistic, Small group Home Bible Studies in Your Home
Five Small Group Myths, Why Home Bible Studies Do not Always Succeed

10 Commandments for Leading Church Volunteers
o 10 Things Church Volunteers Wish We Knew About Them

Mens Ministry, 7 Ways to Know If You Have a Good Pound for Pound Church
A Plea to Disciple Younger Men

18 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Ministry
o No Throwaways in Music Ministry

New Convert
o 5 Suggestions for When People Leave Your Church
o Discipleship Process to Grow Spiritually Mature Members

o Seven Reasons Evangelism Should Be a Priority of Your Church
o How to Witness to an Atheist

The Spirit of Excellence, Focus on Posture
o P.U.S.H., Pray Until Something Happens

o How to Make Your Online Church Video Streaming Effective
o The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Churches Make

Sunday School
o Can A Themed, FUNDAY SUNDAY, Bring New Kids to Your Sunday School?
o Marketing Kids Church, REALLY?

o 3 Ways to Enhance Your Time With Students
o 5 Assumptions That Could Destroy Your Volunteer Youth Program


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