Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

Issue 25-11


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Home Bible Studies
o A Bible Study Outline on Sharing Christ with Others
o Three Important Verses To Remember in Teaching a Home Bible Study

o Ideas for Womens Ministry
o 7 Quick Ways to Frustrate Your Team

o Is There Anything Holding You Back From Christ Like Manhood?
o 3 Ways to Be a Better Boss

o Building Missions Month By Month
o To Help Missionaries First And Foremost, Practice 1 Thessalonians 5:12,13

o How to Catalyze Your Worship Leaders Success
o Teens and Church Music: What Do They Really Think?

New Convert
o How Mature Christians Can Help New Christians
o Preventing Wayward Members

o 9 Reasons Churches Must Reach College Students
o Ten Ways to Grow Your Church

o 8 Ways to Use Social Media for Positive Community Influence
o 8 Effective Uses of Twitter for Churches

Sunday School
o Sunday School That Really Works
o 9 Reasons You Should Make the Most of Big Days for Growth

o Top 10 Productivity Tools for Youth Pastors
o Talking to Your Teens about Contemporary Christian Music


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