Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Issue 25-12


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Home Bible Studies
o The Price of Being A Witness
o Looking For The Lamp

o Developing A Biblical Philosophy
o Assessing The Culture

o 7 Good Reasons to Deliver Your Sermon Without Notes
o Men’s Prayer Guide

o Praying for Prodigals
o 6 Ingredients For a Powerful Prayer Service

o Worship Leadership: The Art of Getting Out of the Way
o The Future of Music in the Church

New Convert
o 5 Things New Believers Need For Growth
o Discipling The New Believer

o Amplifying Evangelism—Show and Tell
o Doing Evangelism in the Workplace

o 8 Trends of Church Members on Social Media
o Gods 4 Step Marketing Process from Exodus 3

Sunday School
o Altar Working with Children
o Kids Creative Suggestions For Prayer

o Keys to a Healthy Youth Pastor
o A Health Check For Your Youth Ministry


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