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How can I download files? – Easy! If you not are a subscriber to AIS, simply click on the ‘Subscribe’ link and follow the instructions. If you ARE a subscriber to AIS, click on the LIBRARY Tab Then Select BROWSE and you will see the pull-down menu to select an AIS Library. When you select a library, the categories within that library will be displayed. Click on a category and the files of that category will be displayed. Click on a file name (example: adah05.txt) and you will see the text of the file. If you would like to have this file, simply click on  the PRINT button below the article Or you can save the file by clicking the DOWNLOAD button below the article as well. Files are automatically downloaded to your DOWNLOAD folder, You can also right click on the download link and select SAVE AS to select a different folder. All files are pure text and can be loaded into any word processor.


I forgot my UserName and/or Password – If you forgot your Password:  call 317-781-7712  Mon.-Fri. between 9AM and 5PM EST. After verifying it is you, we will give you your password. Or you can email: and provide your name, address, phone number, and the name of the church you attend. We will verify this information and email you your UserID and Password.

IF you forgot your UserID: you will need to call the above number or email us as described above. We normally respond to email within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.


What are the benefits of placing an ad in Perspectives Magazine?      The Perspectives is the largest Apostolic news magazine in Oneness Pentecost. We send it monthly to over 15,000 pastors and church leaders in the United States and around the world in 10 different Apostolic organizations.

Ads in this international magazine are very reasonable and cost effective. We would be glad to send you a copy of the magazine and our price list.


What much does AIS cost if I live outside the United States?
The Apostolic Information Service is a subscription based service. We wish we could offer the service for free, but because of the tremendous cost of maintaining such a service, it’s an unfortunate impossibility. However we have worked very hard to make the cost of the service worth while:

All subscribers receive the following:

1. Unlimited access to the growing 13,000 file AIS database. 42 libraries  that cover everything from Apostolic Doctrine to Bible Studies, Outreach Programs and much, much more!

2.In addition to the online service, you receive a ‘CD’  by regular mail every month containing  the following: Calvary Pulpit Video, Guest Pulpit Video, Apostolic Book Lesson Outlined and Powerpointed, Apostolic Music ‘2 outstanding music files’, 6 Bible College Lessons Outlined and Powerpointed, Church Growth Lesson Outlined and Powerpointed, Leadership Lesson Outlined and Powerpointed, 20 Ministry Resource Files, 10 Ministry Idea Sheets, and Pulpit Resource Sermons Outlined and Powerpointed.

3. The AIS CD provides over 50 great ideas each month in the areas of Outreach, New Convert Care, Music, Youth, Promotions, Sunday School, Prayer & Missions, Ladies Ministry, Men’s Fellowship, Home Bible Study and more.

The cost of all of this for those who live outside of the USA is just $239.95US a year (prepaid) or $24.95US a month (we bill your credit card monthly).

You may also subscribe to AIS without the monthly CD for just $99.95 US per year. This gives you unlimited use of the online service and all file libraries, but you will not receive a monthly CD.

The best way to pay your AIS subscription is by credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER). This allows easy currency conversion.

No personal information given will be used for any other purpose

Bro. Tim Massengale, Director

Tena M. Bird, Office Manager

R Jaye Bannister, General Manager

Contact Information:
Voice Phone: 317-781-7712
Fax: 317-781-7700
Office Hours Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern

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