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Worship: Style or Substance?

By Tim PedigoOne can scarcely enter into a conversation about worship without an interesting variety of questions and comments arising. Which style of music is the legitimate form for worship? Is a praise and worship team more suitable for the worship service than a church choir? Are guitars actually biblically approved instruments for worship?The other […]

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The Why Of The Unanswered Prayer

By William Hirsche At first it would appear altogether out of order, if not contrary to reason, to close this series of meditations on prayer by sounding a negative note. After the victorious affirmations of the foregoing chapters regarding the power of prayer and the absolute assurance based on the Word of God that the […]

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Hiring Church Staff

BY PAUL D. MOONEY So you are getting ready to hire some one to help you in your church. That moment has come when you need to increase the staff and ease the Ministry load. Exciting? Yes. But there are important things you should know. And what you may not know about the person you are getting ready to […]

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