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Safeguarding Your Church Against Counseling Misconduct

By Sue Brage Today’s topic is a serious one. As someone who has seen churches destroyed and careers ruined as a result of sexual and emotional misconduct, I have strong feelings on this topic. I have a relative whose family was impacted by inappropriate relationships born out of a counseling situation. It is all too […]

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10 Ways To Increase Offerings 10-25%

By Brian Kluth #1 -Personal giving testimonies Before the offering is collected, have an individual or a couple give a personal testimony about how the Lord has taught them to give 10 percent or more to the Lord’s work as their first and highest financial priority. Have them also briefly explain how they’ve felt about […]

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Counseling Youth

COUNSELING YOUTH By: Sis Nix If you have found yourself being used by God to counsel young people you may consider yourself both favored and responsible (James 3:1). Not too many people have been given this trust. Not too many people care. Perhaps that is why they are not used. Sacrifice, much patience, and caring […]

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