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The Church Music Leaders

The Church Music Leaders Robert Berglund THE MINISTER OF MUSIC AND MINISTRY In a vast number of churches the responsibilities of the minister of music are either assumed by a worship or music committee, a single individual such as the choir director or organist, or the pastor. In smaller churches where multiple staffing does not […]

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The Polarization of Music in the Church

  By Dr. Lindel M. Anderson Synopsis: The controversy surrounding music in the church seems to be growing. As our congregations become more multi-cultural and the growing plethora of musical genres are introduced to the church, the worship leader/music minister has a greater challenge than ever before to sing music that is relevant to a […]

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Complete Prayer Clock

Author Unknown 1. Praise Psa. 22:3, Psa. 63:3, Heb. 13:15 Begin all prayer with praise. Whatever your ultimate goal may be, first praise God. In praise, you esteem God for greatness and virtues. Jesus, in His example to us, taught us to begin prayer with praise, “Our Father which art in heaven.” 2. Forgiveness Matt. […]

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