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The One True God

The One True God
By The Late Elder B.E. Echols

The Jews of Old Testament times only knew and worshiped ONE God, except when they apostatized and worshiped idols. Teaching that there were THREE gods was not to be found in the Old Testament Scriptures; neither is such to be found in the New Testament Scriptures. The doctrine and teaching of there being THREE persons in the Godhead did not originate until after the Apostolic Age.

Where Trinitarianism Originated

The Nicene Council, which convened about 325 A. D., accepted and confirmed the belief and teaching of Athanasius, who taught that there were three personalities in the Godhead, equal in power. Most of the Protestant Churches today accept and hold the same view of the Godhead as Athanasius did regardless of what the Bible teaches. The Scriptures positively and plainly state there is only ONE personality in the Godhead–the Lord Jesus Christ. See Col. 2:8-10; 1 John 5:7; John 10:30.

A very Important Subject

So we come to one of most important subjects in all the Bible: ” The One True God ” or the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people today are in darkness and doubt concerning the deity of Christ. They are contaminated and deceived by the teaching of the mother of harlots (Rev. 17:1-18). But thank God many are beginning to see the truth and discard those old robes of false and deceptive teaching concerning TWO or THREE gods and are coming to the truth as it is in God’s Word. Such a revelation is no longer confined to what is known as the ONENESS Pentecostal people but eminent Bible scholars of a number of the Protestant Churches have discovered this truth. Among these are Rev. C.I. Scofield author of the Scofield Bible and Dr. John Roach Stratton a former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of New York City which is said to he the largest Baptist church in the world. Then there is Wm. Phillips Hall’s book. “A Remarkable Biblical Discovery” discussing the deity of Christ and the name of God. Mr. Hall was a Presbyterian President of the American Tract Society and vice president of the American Bible Society.

Israel Commanded To Serve One God

It is very significant that the first commandment to the children of Israel was to serve ONE God and Him ONLY. “Hear O Israel: the Lord our God is ONE Lord ” (Deut. 6:4) and “Thou shall have no other gods before (or besides) me ” (Lx. 20:3). This commandment stands good for God’s people today this is a teaching that has been confirmed by the New Testament writers anti cannot be refuted by the Scriptures. Jesus said “If ye love ME keep MY commandments ” and this is one of His commandments.

The One True God Of The Old Testament

Let us see what God says about it Himself. Will you believe Him and take what He says about it? God speaking through Isaiah said: “Ye are My witnesses saith the Lord ‘and My servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe Me and UNDERSTAND that I am He: before Me there was no God formed neither shall there be (one formed, born or created) after me. I even, I am the Lord; and beside Me there is no Savior (or one who can save) “‘ (Isa. 43:10, 11). Again God says: “Look unto Me and be ye saved, ALL the ENDS of the earth, for I am God and there is NONE else.” The name of Jesus is Jehoshua in Hebrew which means that Jehovah is our Saviour. Compare Isa. 45:20-22 with Matt. 1:21. So the ONE true God of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ of the New (Isa. 9:6; 7:14; Matt. 1:21-23).

Jesus Confirmed One God Theology

Jesus made Himself equal with God and taught that He was God (John 14:7 9; 8:56-58; 12:45). He never taught that He and the Father constituted more than ONE person or God. Over and over He stated and affirmed that He and His Father were One and the same God. “I and My Father are ONE” were His own words. People who teach that there are TWO or THREE gods certainly ignore what Jesus said about it. Such doctrine is not founded on what the Lord Jesus Christ said. Jesus told Phillip, “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then Shew us the Father?'” The Jews threatened to stone Jesus upon several occasions because HE attributed deity to Himself, and claimed to be their God (John 8:56-59; 10:30-33). So Jesus and all writers of the New and Old Testaments agree that He (Jesus) is the ONE true God.

THE SCRIBES KNEW THERE WAS BUT ONE GOD “And the scribe said unto I Him (Jesus) ‘Well Master thou hast said THE TRUTH for there IS (a verb used in the present tense) ONE God; and there is NONE other but HE “‘ (Mark 12:32). If Jesus had been another God He would have corrected this scribe right then and there.

NO GOD BEFORE OR AFTER. Some people try to take Gen. 1:26 where God said “Let US make man ” and prove that TWO gods created man but God some 2500 years later states positively that there was “No God WITH Him” at that time. See Deut. 32:39. We also read in Matt 2:10 “Have we not all ONE Father? hath not ONE God created us’?” Then in Isa. 43:10 God declares that there was NO God formed BEFORE Him, neither would there be one formed AFTER Him. So in the face of these Scriptures and many others like them the scribe knew positively that there was but ONE God.

The One True God Of The New Testament

1. According to Paul’s teaching. According to Paul Jesus is the ONE true God of the New Testament. A few of his quotations or sayings will prove the foregoing statement to be true. Paul said that the princes of this world would not have crucified Jesus had they known that He was the Lord of glory–the Lord from Heaven (1 Cor. 2:8).

A great mystery. Paul knew that the deity of Christ was a great mystery to many; nevertheless he said “God was manifest IN THE FLESH (compare John 1:14 10) justified in the Spirit seen of angels preached unto the Gentiles believed on in the world received up into glory.” (I Tim. 3:16) About Whom was he speaking in this statement if it were not Jesus? It was none other than I He who died on the cross of Calvary. Paul KNEW that “God was IN Christ reconciling the world unto Himself ” (2 Cor. 5:19) and that “In Him (Jesus) dwelleth ALL the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” Moffatt translates the last verse: “It is in Christ that the entire FULLNESS of deity has settled–bodily ” (Col. 2:9). Every way Paul looked it was ONENESS (Eph. 4:4-6). So he knew and taught that there was but ONE God. Should we not do the same thing?

2. According to John’s teaching. John was a bosom friend of our Lord and he should be a good authority concerning His dotty. Turning to John 1:1 14 10 we read: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word WAS God. And the Word was MADE FLESH and dwelt among us … He was in the world and the world was made by Him (Jesus) and the world knew Him nor.” Let us ask John a question relative to the true God. John can you definitely tell us who is the TRUE God according to your own knowledge of Him? Yes “We know that the Son of God is come and hath given us an understanding (Compare Luke 24:36 45) that we may know Him that is true and we are in Him that is true even in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life ” (1 John 5:20). So John tells us that Jesus is the true God.

3. According to Thomas’ statement. When Thomas saw Jesus after His resurrection and recognized Him by the nail prints in His hands and the pierced side he exclaimed “My Lord and my God ” (John 20;28). You will also notice that Jesus did not censure his statement and tell him that he was mistaken. If Jesus had not been Thomas’ God He would have told him so.

4. According to Jude’s teaching. “To the ONLY wise God (about Whom are you talking Jude?) our Saviour.” It is believed by some commentators that this Jude was a brother of our Lord.

Again in the fourth verse of Jude we read: “For certain persons have crept in unnoticed … ungodly men who pervert the grace of God into immortality and disown Jesus Christ our ONLY Sovereign (Supreme Ruler King etc.) and Lord “-Weymouth’s translation. If Jesus is our ONLY Sovereign He is our ONLY God. That is exactly what Jude thought about it. See again verse 25.

5. According to a devil’s statement. Some might think it strange to quote a devil concerning the deity of Christ; but you must remember that they are fallen angels and once dwelt in heaven with God; therefore they knew Him and recognized Him when they saw Him. So when Jesus approached a man who was possessed with an unclean spirit the devil cried out and said, “Let us alone; what have we to do with thee thou Jesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy us? I KNOW thee who thou art; the Holy ONE of God.” By turning to Hosea 11:9 you will see that the “Holy One” was none other but God. James stated that the devils believed in ONE GOD and also stated that every one who believed that there was just ONE God was DOING WELL (James 2:19).

Give God’s Word Priority

If people would only give God’s Word priority in their hearts and minds concerning the “ONENESS of God” and the “Deity of Jesus Christ ” they would not be so confused about this truth and doctrine. But so many folks give priority to their own opinions and the ideas of others in preference to God’s ETERNAL Word.

Be assured again by God’s Word that “There IS (present tense) ONE body (Col. 2:810) and ONE Spirit … ONE Lord ONE faith ONE baptism One God and ONE Father of all ” (Eph. 4:4-6). Compare Mall 2:10 and Job 31:15 concerning there being “ONE Father of all ” instead of two or three as some teach.

The ONE True God of the Old Testament is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament. By substituting Son for” the Word” and Father for “God’ in St. John 1:1 you have the following literal and revealing translation” of this verse: “In the beginning was THE SON anti THE SON was with THE FATHER and THE SON was THE FATHER.” No one can deny the fact that “the Word” in this verse is THE SON and “God” is THE FAT HER (John 14:8 9; 10:30; Isa. 9:6).

The Trinity Dogma

It might help some of you to know what the Catholic Folk have to say about THEIR “Dogma of The Trinity.”

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The Bible Mode And Formula For Water Baptism

The Bible Mode And Formula For Water Baptism
By The Late Elder B.E. Echols

This is one of the LIFE and DEATH messages of the Bible. If you don’t believe it, just read Mark 16:15, 16; John 3:3-5; 2 Thes. 1:7-9. The Bible further teaches that there is but ONE way to baptize or be baptized. This old theory of men that you can choose “the mode” you like best, and just use “any formula” that you prefer, has no Biblical foundation whatever. God has declared to us, through His Prophets and Apostles, that there is but ONE way to be saved (Jer. 32:39; 6:16; St. John 10:1; 14:6). Therefore we must conclude that there is only ONE mode and formula for water baptism (Eph. 4:5).


According to the Bible, water baptism is essential to salvation. This however, does not mean that water baptism alone ever saves anybody, but it is a part of the Gospel that must be believed accepted and obeyed if one ever expects to be saved. See Mark 16:15, 16; Rom. 1:16; 2:16; St. John 3:5; Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 2:37, 38; 22:16. So God has water in His plan of redemption (1 Pet. 3:20, 21).


The Mode of baptism is IMMERSION and NOT sprinkling. The word “baptize” comes from the Greek word “baptidzo,” which means to immerse, plunge into, to dip, bury, or immerse. We have no New Testament records of any one using the mode of sprinkling for baptism.

Paul says we are BURIED and PLANTED with Him by baptism (Rom. 6:4, 5). Nothing can be either buried or planted until it is completely covered. So it is in baptism that the candidate must be completely immersed in the water. John baptized “in AEnon near to Salim, because there was MUCH water there.” Much water is not needed to sprinkle folks. A multitude could be sprinkled with a teacup of water. Jesus was baptized IN Jordan and straightway came UP and OUT of the water (Mark 1:9, 10). Do you believe John carried Jesus out into the river Jordan in order to sprinkle Him? No, you do not!

In Acts 8:36-39, we have another beautiful picture of a water baptismal service. You will also note that they both went down INTO the water, and then came UP OUT of it, as Jesus and John did. Oh, Hallelujah! There is no argument left as to the mode of baptism; it is by IMMERSION, and no other way.


What is the correct and Bible FORMULA to be used when baptizing? Matt. 28:19? No! Matt. 28:19 is a command that tells us what to do. Do I believe in baptizing according to Matt. 28:19? Most assuredly I do. How many of you have ever been baptized in the SON’S name saying nothing of the other two titles? Not if Matt. 28:19 was used as a formula. The preacher just PROMISED you he would, baptized you, and let you go. You know as well as I do that the Son’s name is JESUS. Then why don’t you be baptized in His name according to Acts 2:38?

Who should know what NAME Jesus had reference to in Matt. 28:19 better than any one else? Certainly the Apostles were the most qualified. What name or formula then did they use? The name of the Lord, Lord Jesus, or Jesus Christ in EVERY instance. Is it safe to follow their teaching and examples? Read Matt. 16:13-20; Eph. 2:20, 21; Rom. 2:16 and see for yourself. Surely Peter must have been right when he told the Jews and Gentiles to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. See R. V., Moffatt and Weymouth’s translations for Acts 2:36-38 and 10:48.


Are there any other reasons for baptizing in the name of Jesus Christ other than those already given? Yes (first), Jesus said Himself, “that repentance and remission of sins should he preached IN HIS NAME among all nations.” The name of Jesus Christ is the only name that will remit your sins, save you, and give you eternal life (Luke 24:46, 47; Acts 10:43; St. John 20:31). Right here, let us take another look at Acts 2:38: “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you IN THE NAME of Jesus Christ for THE REMISSION of SINS.” Moffatt translates Acts 10:43 and 13:38 as follows: “All the prophets testify that EVERYONE who believes in Him is to receive REMISSION of sins THROUGH HIS NAME.” So you must understand, my brothers, that REMISSION of sins is proclaimed TO YOU through Him (Jesus). We should also see that there is riot any promise for remission of sins in Matt. 28:19, if taken as a formula for baptism.

Second, Jesus is the Bridegroom and we are to be His bride; therefore we must at sometime or other take upon us His name if we are going to be His bride or wife. The only way I know of by which we can take upon us the name of Jesus Christ is in the BAPTISM ceremony (Gal. 3:27; Rom. 6:4). Webster, in one -definition of water baptism says: “To baptize means to name or give a name unto.”

Third, we pray for the sick in His name, preach in His name, cast out Devils in His name, and do most every thing else in His name: Why shouldn’t we baptize in His name? Ashamed to? Afraid to? You had better not be. See Mark 8:38; Mal. 3:16, 17; Isa. 66:5.

The name of Jesus Christ is the only safe hiding place from that “Great Storm of the Ages” that is soon to strike. Why don’t you run into it by being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ? See Prov. 18:10; Gal. 3:27. Why tarriest thou? Arise and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ — our Lord and Savior who died for us. It is the only Bible way. Paul says, “Whatsoever ye do IN WORD or DEED, do ALL in THE NAME of THE LORD JESUS,” (Col. 3:17).



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