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Core Values (Newsletter 3-3)

        By Rick A. Hughes Apples are quite symbolic: many people believe apples were the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Apples are the symbol for knowledge. Apples are the symbol for good health. Apples also symbolize what we cherish: you are the apple of my eye. If you say someone […]

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Strategic Planning For Churches

By David Hellerbols Before you can begin to communicate effectively, you need a framework on which to base your actions. Without such a framework, your communications will appear disconnected, tangential, and amateurish. The best way to produce the needed framework is through a process called strategic planning. What is Strategic Planning? Strategic planning has an […]

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Whatever Happened to Values

For four consecutive years, I was invited to speak to the sophomore health class of a local high school on the topic of values. Knowing how sensitive the public school system is, I would carefully prepare my presentation each year so as not to be offensive to anyone. I opened my speech with an illustration […]

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