10 Ways to Improve Your Church

10 Ways to Improve Your Church

1. Attend regularly.

Be faithful to every service. There should be only a few things that hinder your church attendance, such as serious or contagious sickness, a car accident, the death of a close relative, or your own funeral. We ought to be as serious about coming to church as we are about going to work.

2. Be involved.

Don’t just come as a pew warmer. There is some area in the church where you can be of use. Your talents are valuable to the Lord’s work.

3. Commit yourself to your church.

This church should be your favorite church. It is your home church. Take care of it like you would your home. Be proud to call it your church. Brag on its good points. Help to strengthen its weak points. Don’t bounce from church to church, but commit yourself to this church and strive to make it one you can be thankful for.

4. Develop a friendly attitude.

Strive to make all visitors feel welcome. Make a special effort to show you appreciate their attendance. Invite them back to future services.

5. Encourage others (Galatians 6:1).

Often someone may come to our services with a heavy burden. He will need someone to help him carry his load. Offer yourself. Let the discouraged know that you are praying for them.

6. Fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Be a witness. Invite the lost to your church. Pray for their salvation. Rejoice when the lost come to Christ. Especially help new converts.

7. Guard your tongue (James 3:5).

Be careful that you do not carry gossip. Speak words of love.

8. Honor God in all things.

Put the Lord first in your life. Let your daily conversation be Christ-like. Be careful of your daily living. Let your light shine in the community where you live as well as at church.

9. Involve yourself in worship.

Come to church ready to love God. Worship as an act of showing adoration to God. It’s hard to adore the Lord when you are talking, passing notes, or sleeping. When you come to service be ready to look to Jesus. Invite His presence into the service and begin to adore Him. Tune your heart to hear the Lord’s voice. Offer to Him sacrifices of praise.

10. Join together with fellow believers.
Show a spirit of unity. Your ideas may be good, but they are not the only good ones. Without compromising the Word, learn to be tolerant toward others. Let love abound. By love serve one another.