10 Ways to Increase Interaction on your Church Facebook Page

By Grace Robinson

So your church has a website and a Facebook page, but now what? The point of using a social networking site like Facebook is to be social, right? If you want to increase interaction on your church’s Facebook page, but you’re not sure what to do next, here are some ideas:

10 – Paid advertisement

Some people might feel a bit like spammers by buying advertising space on Facebook, and others might just not have the budget. But a paid advertisement for your page, or paying to boost and promote individual posts on your page, is one of the most effective ways to reach large numbers of new people.

9 – Invite friends to like the page

Whether you are an admin on your church’s page or you’re just a member, as long as you have “liked’ the page on Facebook, you can now invite anyone on your friend list to like the page, as well. Again, this could possibly be construed as spammy, so just be mindful of who you invite, and how often you send the invite if they don’t respond and like the page right away. Close friends and people who know you in real life will likely be willing to at least click “like” on your church’s page just to support you. Once someone has liked the page, they will start seeing updates in their newsfeed, and many people will probably begin interacting on the page.

8 – Reach out to other churches or organizations on Facebook

Find other organizations who are doing what you want to do with social media, and learn from them. Interacting on Facebook with other churches or ministries cannot only help you learn some social media techniques, but it’s a great way to meet new people who could become new supporters or partners. Plus, your current followers will see your interactions and will know that you’re serious about being authentic and making your social media work.

7 – Link back to your Facebook page from your website or other social media

You probably have at least a website for your church. Make sure that a link to your Facebook page is displayed prominently on your site’s homepage, either with the recognizable blue F icon, or a Facebook like box. If you have other social media profiles, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+, make all of those link to your Facebook, to your website, and to each other. This way, no matter how someone first finds your organization online, they can easily connect with you in every available way.

6 – Promote the page in church

If a church leader mentions the church’s Facebook page during Sunday morning announcements, or the link is printed on the bulletin, church members and guests will be more likely to engage online. Promotion in church equals credibility.

5 – Post frequently

Nobody wants to hang out on a Facebook page that never has new content. Find the balance that works best for your church (and for whoever is managing your social media). Whether you post three times a day or only three times a week, as long as there is new content on a consistent basis, people will be more likely to keep coming back to the page.

4 – Post generic inspirational or humorous content

Find general content that fits with your church’s cultural climate and mission. Anything from Bible verses to inspirational quotes to cute animal pictures will keep your church’s page active and in people’s newsfeed. A Bible verse or inspirational picture provides content that is easy for others to share, and presents an appealing image for newcomers who might be checking out your church on Facebook.

3 – Post relevant info and updates about church life

Just as important as the generic content is the specific content unique to your church. Most social media users will expect to come to your Facebook page to see pictures from the baptism service, updates on how the food drive is going, or the itinerary for the next youth retreat. Make sure that your page consistently stays up to date.

2 – Reply to questions and comments

This is one of the most effective ways to increase Facebook interaction. It doesn’t matter if it’s the pastor personally replying to comments, or just one of the admins of the page. If people see that your organization cares enough to connect online as well as from the pulpit, they will be excited to engage with you on every level.

1 – Be organized and have a plan

This is what makes the previous nine points come together and really work. Even if your plan is something as simple as “we will post a video of the sermon every Sunday after church,” your members and followers need something predictable that they can count on. If you have a blast of activity and new content on your church page for two weeks and then go dormant for a month, even your most loyal supporters will stop visiting the page. Because of the fast-paced nature of social media, consistency over time is one of the things that will get your visibility and staying power. Get organized, plan your work, and then work your plan.

With a little planning, diligence, and attention to detail, you can increase the interaction on your church’s Facebook page. People love to connect through social media, and so if your church’s page provides an easy way to do that, people will be excited about connecting with you.

From:  www.mediamagazine.com web site.  October 2014.


The above article,”10 Ways to Increase Interaction on Your Church Facebook Page” was written by Grace Robinson. The article was excerpted from www.medimagazine.com.


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This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”


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