15 Ways To Double Your Sunday School.

James E. Boatman


1. Set an Overall Goal.
Prepare a poster with the goal (30). Write it on the chalkboard.  Saturate the church with the overall goal (500). Put it in Spanish,  Greek, German. Upper and lower case numbers. Gothic and Roman  numerals.

2. Get Names of New Prospects.
Have each pupil write two names down.

3. Assign Prospect Responsibility.
“People expect what you inspect.” G.M. in Detroit’s philosophy.
Teacher take care of this week by week. See the job is done.

4. Phone Every Prospect During Each Attendance Drive.

5. Send Mail to Each Prospect.
Revivals – Special Events, etc.

6. Visit Every Prospect. Put the “Go” in the Gospel.

7. Start a Class Newspaper (if class is large enough).

8. Name Your Class with an Active Name.

9. Post Attendance (divide class into two team).

10. Get a Motto.
“Fat is Beautiful” – Weigh in each side each week. The side with the most weight wins.

11. Get a Logo for Your Class.

12. Give Out Buttons with “I am one of the 500”.

13. Stretch Your Faith.
“Pray for the 500 each day at each meal.”

14. Choose a Good Day for the Attendance Drive.

15. WORK
Still the way we spell the increase of Your Class.


(The above material was published by the Sunday School Division of the UPCI in Hazelwood, MO.)

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