16 Tips for Getting Home Bible Studies Door-to-Door

16 Tips for Getting Home Bible Studies Door-to-Door
David Southers

Going door-to-door to get home Bible studies can be intimidating for both the person knocking on the door as well as the person behind the door. However, it can also be a blessing for both. If you or your church shares the gospel door-to-door or is thinking about doing so, here are a few recommendations:

1. First and foremost, remember the golden rule. If someone knocked at your door that you did not know, how would you want them to treat you? Do you remember any pleasant or unpleasant experiences with people on your doorstep? Learn from them and treat others as you would want to be treated. (Hint: Don’t forget your breath mints).

2. Dress for success. Don’t over dress (leave the white, short sleeve shirt, tie, and bicycle at home), but don’t come to their door looking like you just woke up either.

3. Pray before you pull up to their house. You don’t want them or their neighbors to wonder what you are doing out in front of their house sitting there in your car talking with your eyes closed.

4. Leave your preconceived ideas of what the visit will be like behind. Don’t assume that they will slam the door in your face, but also don’t automatically count on revival breaking out. Also, don’t let rejection at one house deter you from going to the next house. Just as Jesus and his disciples experienced different reactions from the people they were trying to reach, so will you.

5. Be sensitive to their time and schedule. Should someone not have time to talk, offer to return at a more convenient time. If they do have time, don’t overstay your welcome. You don’t want them to remember you as “those people who would not leave.”

6. Make it your primary goal to establish yourself as their friend in the community. Let the Spirit direct you as to whether your visit is an opportunity for the gospel.

7. Try to visit homes where people have just moved in to the community. Moving can be a major pain and people often feel like a refugee after their move. Prepare a welcome package that includes information and items that a new resident might need.

8. Whether they want a Bible study or not, ask them for ways you can pray for them. This not only is a great way to change the conversation to spiritual things, it also opens the door for a possible subsequent visit to follow-up on their prayer requests.

9. Avoid critical comments about other churches, denominations, or Christian or political leaders. Your purpose is to show and share Christ’s love, not to give them your editorial.

10. Carry a mini-chart with you to show them what a home Bible study is all about. Small versions of the home Bible study can be purchased at the same place you purchased your large chart. Some have even more success carrying a large chart.

11. Have a home Bible study flyer or brochure to share with them that tells about the Home Bible Study and its benefits. Leave a brochure with each house. They may change their mind later and call to schedule one.

12. Know what you will say when they open the door. Practice this opening statement until you are comfortable saying it without being afraid.

13. Sell the benefits of a home Bible study. Memorize a list of five or six: free, non-denominational, covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, certificate of completion, will learn the Bible better, etc.

14. If they are interested and say “yes”, set up the date and time right then. Don’t say, “someone will call you to schedule.” Set up the date and time for the first lesson on the spot. We can always call back and reschedule if needed (but try real hard to make the scheduled time if possible).

15. If they say, “let me think about it” be sure to get a call back time or number. Give the Spirit time to work on their heart. Be faithful to call back.

16. Consider having a group lesson at the church. If they are reluctant to have a home Bible study in their home, offer a one lesson per week alternative to be taught at the church or a neighborhood community room.

The article above, “16 Tips for Getting Bible Studies Door to Door,” is written by David Southers. The article was excerpted from www.evangelism.net web site. October 2012

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