20 Local Mission Project Ideas for your Community

20 Local Mission Project Ideas For Your Community
Rex Alexander

Rex Alexander, director of missions mobilization, offers these ministry ideas for Jerusalem (local) mission projects that churches, Sunday School classes, mission groups, and others can do to reach their communities and perhaps even raise money for world missions.

1.  Disaster Relief: Church building serves as a shelter or feeding center

2. Literacy: Adult literacy classes

3. Sports: Upward sports teams, Sports Crusaders, community leagues, clinics

4. Hunger: Food pantries, serving meals, keeping food packets (granola bars, jerky, etc.) in auto glove compartments to give to someone in need

5. Senior adult: Nursing home visits and/or Bible studies, senior-to-senior ministries

6. Medical: Health testing

7. Clothing: Clothes closet or supporting other clothing ministries

8. Poverty: Assisting local missions, providing information about community resources, (see Hunger and Clothing ministries above)

9. Children: Apartment ministries, backyard Bible clubs, Vacation Bible School,

10. School: Providing a meal to teachers during teacher preparation week, adopt-a-school (ask principal what needs to be done – painting, tutoring, mentoring, etc.)

11. Emergency responders: Providing a meal for and/or holding special services to recognize local fire, police and EMT personnel

12. Parks and highways: Beautification projects including clean-up, brush cutting, etc

13. Surveys and evangelism: Direct and door-to-door surveys, giving out information about church and inviting people to attend.

14. International people groups: Church planting, English as a second language (ESL) classes, Bible study

15. Special needs: Sunday School classes and Bible studies, providing transportation, building ramps for sister churches and homes

16. Pregnancy centers: Bible studies, help with construction and landscaping, donating needed items

17. Construction: Assisting sister churches with construction needs, help widows and single mothers with home repair projects

18. Church planting: Start a new church, help support a church planter through door-to-door surveys, block parties or financial gifts, allow church plants to use space in your church building to meet

19. Prison/criminal justice: Bible studies at correctional facilities for prisoners and off-site for ex-offenders, volunteer with at-risk teens and at juvenile centers

20. Collegiate: Begin or support local Baptist collegiate groups, adopt-astudent (invite to home for a meal or for holiday, drive student to doctor appointment, etc.).

These are all great opportunities to serve in your community. The challenge is to develop a strategic plan to spread the Gospel while you are ministering in your community. E-mail: RexAlexander@IBSA.org, or call (217) 391-3134 for more ideas and information.

The above article, “20 Local Mission Project Ideas for Your Community” is written by Rex Alexander. The article was excerpted from: World Missions Outreach: www.ibsa.org web site. July 2012.

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