26 Key Bible Sermon Topics

26 Key Bible Sermon Topics
By Dr. Norman Robertson

Pastor John Osteen (the late pastor and founder of Lakewood Church) had a tremendous impact on my life and was undoubtedly one of the wisest men of God I’ve ever met! In 1985 he came to minister in South Africa at Rhema Bible Church where I was an associate pastor and instructor at Rhema Bible Training Centre. At that time his church, Lakewood, in Houston was running more than 6000 members and he told me the way to build a great church was to “Feed the sheep – not beat the sheep.” He further told me that “Hungry people will always go looking for a good restaurant” and the real secret to church growth is to establish your congregation on a steady, nutritious, well-balanced diet of God’s Word!!

Pastor Osteen then gave me a list of 26 key Bible topics, which he called “Spiritual Vitamins.” This list of 26 sermon topics he used himself every year – preaching/teaching a short two-week series on each topic – to develop a congregation that is spiritually healthy and growing in faith…

Preacher’s Menu

Pastor, as the Holy Spirit directs you on what to minister to your church each week you may find selections from this list of 26 subjects helpful in keeping you on track.

1. The Power of The Cross

2. Renewing of the Mind

3. Soulwinning and Witnessing

4. New Creation Realities – Who We are in Christ

5. Reaching Your Destiny in God

6. Jesus the Healer

7. The Authority of the Believer

8. How to Pray Effectively

9. Walking In the Fear of the Lord

10. The Church and Its’ Mission

11. Tithing and God’s Prosperity Plan

12. The Person and Power of the Holy Spirit Today

13. How to Grow Spiritually

14. Walking In the Wisdom of God

15. Fundamentals of Faith

16. Great Bible Truths – Hebrews 6:1, 2

17. The Anointing, Baptism and Gifts of the Spirit

18. God’s Laws of Success and Abundance

19. How to Hear From Heaven and Know God’s Will

20. Building Christian Character

21. Spiritual Warfare – The Devil, Demons and Deliverance

22. God’s Plan for the Local Church

23. The Marriage Covenant and the Christian Family

24. How to Read, Study and Meditate God’s Word

25. Faith Confessions and the Power of the Tongue

26. Victorious Christian Living – How to Be an Overcomer

In closing I want to leave you with something else that Pastor Osteen emphasized to me several times in our conversation – he said, “Always stick to the basics, don’t preach/teach some deep revelation. Those who go after some deep revelation usually get so deep they end up getting drowned!”

“Another thing – keep it simple. Remember as God’s ministers we are called to feed the sheep not giraffes. Keep it on a level where the people of God can grasp what you are saying, feed on it, use it and then live it out!”

I pray this information is helpful to you!

“26 Key Bible Sermon Topics”. Written by Dr. Norman Robertson.

“This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”