26 Ways to Promote World Missions in Your Local Church

Russ Mitchell

Our church missions committee is pondering how to promote world missions. To gather ideas, I decided to try a brainstorming experiment using Facebook. I posted:

I’m interested in trying a brainstorming experiment with social media. I’d like to brainstorm ways to promote world missions in a local church. Feel free to submit ANY ideas you have. (That is what brainstorming is all about) Evaluation of ideas will come later.

Five people submitted the following 26 ideas. I think it is a pretty good list.

1. “Invite people living in your community (Christian or not) but are from other countries to come and speak about where they are from, what they love about their country of origin and what kinds of challenges exist.”
2. “Go on a missions trip!!!”
3. “The Perspectives class (for new members) seems to be successful at educating Christians about need for missions.”
4. “Have supported missionaries share their experiences in services and Sunday School.”
5. Have a mission table visible manned by people who have been on mission short-term trips or to promote future trips, that is assuming the church is already sending teams to do missions.
6. Make teams visible to the congregations by commissioning them in church services.
7. Show mission work on video feeds before and after services, church dinners, and other events.
8. Have mission emphasis weeks and Sundays
9. Have projects at the church such as packing food or seeds to send overseas.
10. Have a sewers group that make quilts, blankets, dresses, sweaters, etc to send overseas.
11. Adopt a foreign mission to support and send teams, develop a partnership with them.
12. Have a minister or person whose job is to plan, train and promote mission teams and projects.
13. Start a Kairos course followed by an outreach.
14. Use bulletin boards and framed artwork to communicate the message
15. Have slides before & after services,
16. Have mission projects,
17. Weave mission in to nearly every teaching opp,
18. Adopt-a-country or people group.
19. Pray thru headlines.
20. Host International meals.
21. Develop connections between people who are different.
22. Consider how gratitude can be a motivator.
23. Biographies.
24. Maps.
25. Prayer stations.
26. Real live missionaries at VBS, events, in Sunday School, in groups, at meals…

The above article, “26 Ways to Promote World Missions in Your Local Church” is written by Russ Mitchell. The article was excerpted from: http://discipleallnations.wordpress.com web site. November 2014.

The material is copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.


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