In the mid-seventies, the homosexual movement became highly successful in the United States and emerged with a political agenda not unlike that previously used by minority racial groups. Within the past decade homosexuality has evolved to become a political issue and a source of pride. “Gay Pride” marches, protests, openly homosexual political candidates and the exposure of historical, as well as current, homosexuals have become a regularity.

But there are factions at odds within the homosexual movement. While there are many issues and tactics upon which homosexuals may differ, they have agreed on a specific agenda for the movement. This agenda has become the tool by which homosexuals hope to obtain their ultimate goal – total acceptance. This demands that Americans accept the homosexual community as
a legitimate minority and guarantee them the same legal status as married couples in society.

The total acceptance being sought is not mere tolerance. Leaders of the homosexual rights movement are unwilling to accept anything less than an affirmation of their total lifestyle and sexual perversion by government and society. They also want punishment for any who do not conform to their standards of such approval.

In the early 1970s it appeared that radical societal reform was the only means to achieve their goal, but their methods have become more sophisticated-attempting to subtly manipulate and alter traditional values. This will happen only if the homosexual population is portrayed as a legitimate minority that should be granted the same civil rights possessed by other minorities.

This concept of persons being given special rights and privileges because of their deviant sexual orientation challenges, if not subverts, the entire fabric of America’s foundation. Dennis Altman, a homosexual writing about homosexual, writing about homosexuals, explains “the way in which American society comes to terms with the challenge of the emergent gay minority is as much a test of its ability to live up to its ideology of freedom and the right to happiness as is its response to the demands of nonwhite minorities.”

By persuading the nation that the censure of homosexuality and the advocacy of traditional moral values is akin to being racist, the homosexual contingent believes they have found the weapon to further their agenda to require widespread acceptance and legitimacy of their immorality.

Proponents of the movement readily admit that “the establishment of a new definition of homosexuals, both female and male, as a new minority, comparable to other minorities and deserving of the same rights, legal and civil” has been a key social change over the past decade and major victory for the homosexual movement.” Once homosexuals are officially classified as a minority, the basic perceptions, policies, reactions, and rights currently enjoyed and held by most Americans will be denied, and they will be legally privileged.

The homosexual ideology implies the intent to rearrange our perceptions, lifestyles, and legal system. In the strict sense of the term, this change is revolutionary. It requires, if it is to be effectively implemented, the careful and gradual application and transfer of power. The homosexual movement is thus not primarily a philanthropic or educational enterprise, but a hard-nosed political movement bent on changing our society.

Several points of the political agenda designed to further the homosexual movement and perpetuate overall acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle include: 1) Legalize lesbian/gay marriages; 2) Give lesbians/gays parental and adoptive rights; 3) Classify HIV-positive/AIDS carriers as disabled; 4) Enact “hate crimes” laws to include sexual orientation; 5) Use tax dollars to fund homoerotic AIDS/sex-education in all grades; 6) Amend laws to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and public services; 7) Prohibit the military to exclude anyone because of sexual preference; 8) Repeal all state sodomy laws; 9) Repeal laws controlling the age of sexual consent.

Of course, a major achievement for homosexuals would be the legalization of same-sex marriages, giving them the same legal benefits and considerations currently provided to heterosexual marriages. Calling them a “family” would allow custody and/or adoption of children. Homosexual relationships are not only the antithesis to family, but they also threaten its very core. It is the compulsive desire for sexual fulfillment without lasting commitment, the high rate of promiscuity, and the self-defined morality among homosexuals that sap the vitality from the family structure, making it something less than it was, is, and should be.

If homosexuals can win custody of or adopt children, as “parents” they become role models to these impressionable children. By reversing current laws the homosexual agenda is once again substantially furthered by the imposition of their immoral values onto young children; creating a “value system and set of institutions that can allow [them] to live more fulfilling and communal lives.”

Portraying themselves as men and women who are fulfilled by their lopsided carnality, homosexuals are giving the children they wish to raise the notion that homosexuality is a normal, healthy alternative of sexual expression. They are defining a value system according to their own morality, not that to which society has long adhered and upon which it has based its laws. Homosexuals feel “the development of [their] own values and ethics, more relevant to [their] lives than the handed-down shibboleths of conventional morality, is perhaps the chief task of the new gay culture.”

The unusual multiplicity of partners with which the average male homosexual becomes involved also adds to the nation’s health risks and expenses. One individual reported in the Gay Report that he had had some 4000 sex partners in 31 years. Such compulsive behavior is being presented as a model for America’s youth.

It is not equality homosexuals are seeking in their plea for “civil rights”; the law provides them equal protection with all other citizens. More accurately their goal is to promote their promiscuous lifestyle, to make themselves less of a minority or aberration in American culture, and to destroy all Biblical standards for morality.

Traditional family culture and values in our nation are facing a major crisis. The momentum is gaining a speed that will be very difficult to stop unless the general public-especially Christian leaders and families-is willing to cast aside the fallacious charges of being homophobic and honor Scriptural teaching on this subject. We must love God’s creations-all mankind-but we cannot endorse their disobedience to His teachings.

(The above material appeared in a March 1991 issue of Concerned Women.)

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