How to Teach and Get a Home Bible Study

By: Michael Jewett

Techniques for Conducting an Effective Home Bible Study

1. Prayer – is one of the most important keys to a successful Home Bible Study.

2. Pray for a burden – you must have a burden for lost souls.

3. Get excited about God’s Word and teaching Home Bible Studies.

4. Claim the person you are teaching – and pray for them daily.

5. Remember God has given you the authority and commission to do this work (Matt. 28:19, Acts 1:8).

6. Realize who you are – you are a Holy Ghost filled child of God, therefore, don’t allow the Devil to intimidate you.

7. If possible, start off teaching the two-day home bible study.

8. When the opportunity arises, share your testimony.

9. Just be yourself.

10. Develop a friendship with them – call them during the week, and give them your phone number and plan a time of fellowship with them.

11. If you don’t know the answer, don’t be afraid to let them know.

12. Make sure you don’t rush through the lessons.

13. Try to explain things in a way they can understand – they don’t always understand the same terminology we do.

14. Don’t give them too much information at one time – allow them to digest what you have given them.

15. Stay in the lesson you are on – don’t jump lessons.

16. Remember when you turn to various chapters and verses, the student may no know where to find them, encourage them to take time to learn.

17. You may teach someone who is mentally slow, instead of reading all the scriptures, teach the study in a story form so they can understand.

18. Feel free to add your own scriptures to the lesson.

19. Always use the Word of God as your authority – Avoid the statement, “I believe”.

20. Ask if they have any questions at the end of each study.

21. Call the night before to make sure they are going to have the bible study – this is good for both you and them.

22. Each week make a quick review of the previous lesson.

23. Don’t pressure them to come to the church – just let prayers and the Word work on them.

24. If possible avoid all questions about holiness standards – l Corinthians 2:14.

25. Never deny their experience with God – though it may only be repentance.

26. Remember when they think of South Flint Tabernacle, they’ll think of you.

27. Be sensitive to the Spirit of God during each study – for there will be times when the student will repent, receive the Holy Ghost or want to be baptized.

28. As you continue to teach Bible studies, you will develop your own techniques – remember them and apply them to your next Bible study.

29. All the above things that were mentioned are subject to the Holy Ghost -that’s why prayer is so important.


1. Make a list of family, friends, and acquaintances. Pray over those names and ask them if they would like a Home Bible Study.

2. When you’re in a store, dry cleaners, etc., strike up a conversation and ask if they would like a Home Bible Study. If so, get their name and phone number and set up a time.

3. Ask people that you pray with at the altar.

4. Door-to-door canvassing, bus ministry, follow up visitation.

5. When you have yard sales, car washes, etc.

6. Put an ad in a local newspaper.

7. Place advertisement cards in a supermarket.

8. Phone surveys.

9. Visitors to our Church.

10. People you work with, or attend school with.


(The above material was published by South Flint Tabernacle, Flint, MI, Michael Jewett, H.B.S. Co-ordinator.)

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