5 Reasons to Teach Home Bible Studies

5 Reasons to Teach Home Bible Studies
Nate Whitley

Jesus said to go and to teach all nations the Gospel. Our duty as believers is to teach people about Jesus Christ, and to proclaim hope in Him. We all are called to be soul-winners, for we are the light that should shine in this dark world. The darker our world becomes, the brighter our light of the Gospel should shine.

Not everyone is called to be a preacher behind a pulpit. However, you are just as capable to win somebody to Jesus. In fact it’s our greatest responsibility. Our world is hungry for truth, and the truth we proclaim is not a doctrine but it’s a person and that Truth is Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He was the “Truth.”

I have found that the best way to reach people with the Gospel is to teach them Home Bible Studies. Inviting someone to church is great, and we all should do that. Yet, many times just simply inviting someone to church can only touch the surface to issues in their lives. I want to give you 5 reasons to teach a Home Bible Study.

1. It Builds a Relationship- Teaching a Home Bible Study to someone builds a connection between you and the person you are teaching. You build a bond that only the Word of God can strengthen. You will start to care more about that person and their need to be saved. In addition it gives them an advocate and it gives you a responsibility.

2. You Take Ownership- The last point of building a connection leads to your ownership of this person’s salvation. No longer does the Pastor of the church have to call and text that person when they don’t show up for church, that responsibility falls to you. You now have the great and holy task to disciple someone.

3. Stress-Free Environment- Most guests and people can feel stressed out, or pressured in a church they’ve never been to. Some people are just naturally shy and quiet, going into someone’s home or teaching at a coffee shop allows them to relax. More times than not when I teach a Bible Study in someone’s home I’m able to minister in a greater way. They are free to ask questions and I’m able to take my time to answer questions. This gets them acclimated to our ministries of the church, and lets them know they have someone the “inside” of the church to help them.

4. They Know Someone Cares For Them- When you take time out of your busy schedule to go to someone’s home to teach them a Home Bible Study, they will know right away that you care about them. People want to know that we truly care about them and their soul, and that we aren’t trying to just have a crowd. Personally, I have found that this holds true for every person my wife and I have taught. People just want to know that we care. And if you show up to their doorstep once a week for 10-12 weeks to simply teach them the Bible, you will convey that love to them.

5. It Builds Faith in Your Church- When other believers in your church start to see you winning people to the Lord through Home Bible Studies it builds faith in them. Saints in your congregation who don’t think they can teach Bible Studies now have an increase of faith when they see others doing it. Winning souls is contagious! You will become a catalyst for revival in your church!


The above article, “5 Reasons to Teach Home Bible Studies” is written by Nate Whitley. The article was excerpted from www.alifeastudy.org website, where it was posted October of 2012.

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