5 Ways a Man Can Build Resolution

5 Ways a Man Can Build Resolution
Bryan Van Slyke

About three years ago, I was finally put in charge of running my own work. I had been with the same construction company for about four years and had stayed an assistant up until this point. With this particular project under the gun to finish, I was appointed a higher position of responsibility. It was time to take action.

Being an assistant has its perks, but also its setbacks. In some ways I am protected from the overall responsibility. I don’t have to make very large decisions and, if I do, I can always fall back to the big man in charge. In a sense, I have a protection bubble around me.

As much as I like my safety bubble, it has its setbacks. These setbacks come in the form of always having to take direction from others, backing down when I am nervous about decisions and ultimately scared to ever pull the trigger. My “background” resolution is that I don’t have what it takes to run my own work. This is a problem.

After running my own work for about a month and still taking the abuse of those around me, I decided it was time to establish some resolutions. If they want to put me in charge, not only do I need to trust myself, but everyone else needs to learn how to trust me. I need to stand up for myself.

Here were some of my resolutions:

* I do have what it takes.
* I can make good decisions.
* I will stand up for myself around others.
* I will admit when I am wrong.
* I will take responsibility for my work and for my actions.

These resolutions made a huge difference in the way I went about working at that project and with the people working around me. And to be honest, I still use these resolutions at my work among some other ones that I have added. I was able to recognize the situation and take action against it.

So what resolutions are you holding back in your own life? What are some areas at your work that need attention? What are some areas with your marriage or family that need attention? What are some areas in your spiritual life that need resolutions? Like I said at the beginning, don’t wait for a holiday or for someone else to point out something to you. Start working on this today.

Here are 5 ways you can start building resolutions:

1. Recognize where you are in one of these areas.
2. Decide where you want to go or be in one of these areas.
3. Establish the terms of your resolution.
4. Stick to the terms of your resolution
5. Accept responsibility for your actions.

So, again, what resolutions are you holding back? Assess the five points above and start taking action today!

Let’s get into some of the resolutions in your life. Share some of the areas in your life in the comments below. Let’s be a community of building each other up!

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