7 Ways to Help a Musically Challenged, Older Believer Worship (Newsletter 5-4)

7 Ways to Help a Musically Challenged, Older Believer Worship
Chuck Lawless

I’m that person. I love to sing God’s praises, but I know nothing about music. I’m also old enough that I’m offered the senior discount at restaurants (even though I actually don’t qualify yet . . .). Here’s how you might help people like me worship better:

At least when you first introduce a song, sing it through a few times. With hymnals long laid aside, I often don’t know the melody of a song. By time I catch it, I’ll have lost an opportunity to worship. Let me hear the song a couple of times first, though, and I’ll soon be ready to sing.
Don’t assume I know the lyrics. The fact that it’s a song you and all your friends know well doesn’t mean the rest of us know it. Somehow – on the screen, in the bulletin, via a hymnal, etc. – make sure I have the words.

Help me to hear the words over the music. I openly admit my age here, but I really don’t think my age is the issue. If the music is so loud that I can’t hear the leader, the worship team, or myself sing, what’s the point of the words?

Sing a hymn once in awhile. I don’t want to sing hymns all the time, and I never want to sing hymns poorly. Occasionally, though, a well-done hymn takes me back to the early days of my faith walk – and helps me renew my commitment to God.

Tell me when praise choruses come directly from the Bible. I hope I recognize when that’s the case, but maybe not always. Here’s the point: when you show me that I’m actually singing the words of the Bible, I listen and sing better. (And, as a side note, people will think twice before complaining about music selections that come directly from God’s Word . . . ).

Help me to see the lyrics of any song, including individual and choir specials. Any song is a message, and I will hear the message better if I can see the words that others are singing. Plus, seeing the words will help me to hear them when a choir’s enunciation is not as clear as it should be. I miss the message if I don’t understand the words.

Smile, and genuinely worship as you lead us. I don’t want you to be a show, but nor am I inclined to follow you if you seem to be the lead corpse among the dead. I want to worship God, so let me see your joy in Him.

All right, older and musically challenged believers, here’s your opportunity. What would you add to this list?

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