A Handy Guide for the Dorcas Sisters

A Handy Guide for the Dorcas Sisters
Debbie Fommell

Welcome to the ladies’ world at Calvary Apostolic church! We’re happy to be associated with the work of God right where the “rubber meets the pavement”. To be involved in this great work requires the best of the best. So, with our sister, Dorcas, of the Book of Acts, we join forces in being good stewards of God’s gifts to us.

In meeting our goals and the needs we feel best suited to fill, we will do our best to cooperate with the overall programs of the church enhancing their effectiveness by our contribution.


For an effort to succeed, a plan must be implemented. From launching a space craft to building a dog house, a plan is essential. So, without attempting to cover all areas we hope to serve, our plan does include the following:

1. Divide into small effective Action Groups, each having an appointed captain who, with all other captains, will work closely with our pastor’s wife. The captain will choose a co-captain for an assistant and to act in her absence.

2. Action Groups will alternately oversee all showers, including planning, serving and clean-up.

a. Baby showers are given for the first baby boy and the first baby girl in a family …subsequent baby showers consist of “money-showers”.

3. Remembrances for our pastor and family for Christmas, wedding anniversary and birthdays will be overseen by a committee consisting of all Action Group Captains.

4. Each group will see that its member families are remembered by sending flowers for hospital stays, preparing meals as necessary, providing baby sitter service and otherwise showing Christian concern.

5. As accountability is an abiding Christian characteristic, each group will see that any member missing a church function or service is immediately called upon offering help if needed.

6. Visiting the sick and shut-ins presents an opportunity for service which is gladly accepted as part of our plan of action.

7. Action Group captains will consult with the pastor’s wife in providing meals (main dishes, salads, deserts, etc.) as needed during special services.


Successful planning also requires funding. The financial policy for the Dorcas Sisters is simple:

1. Each member contributes only one dollar monthly! This should cover normal expenses. We expect abnormal expenses … so, step two is:

2. Alternating monthly, each Action Group will serve dinner after the morning service on (or about) the first Sunday of the month. Proceeds will then go to the treasury of the serving group.

If you’re new to our church, won’t you join us? We joyfully welcome your participation!