A Message On Prayer

By Thetus Tenney

During the first five years of this final decade of the 20th century, we have been witnesses to the most dramatic and traumatic world changes in the history of man Communism is all but dead- a colossal failure. There has been a war in the Gulf with a somewhat peaceable solution. Peacekeeping troops are “on location” in Bosnia. Nelson Mandela is free and South Africa ‘is dramatically different. China is coming apart at the seams. All of these changes are an open invitation for a mighty revival in our world.

What is happening is comparable to the break-up of the Roman Empire. This places today’s church at a crucial point in time, parallel to the early church.

With the decline of Rome, the secret of the power of the early church was prayer As Rome declined, the church grew.

With the failure of Communism and other world powers, the secret of the power of the church today is prayer.

We now have the same opportunity as the early church. Doors are now open for evangelism.

The tyranny of power is overlaid by the powerful prayer of the Church.

Prayer was the catalyst of the successful spreading of the gospel in the early church Recorded in the Book of Acts, alone, prayer is mentioned more than thirty times within twenty-eight chapters.

The disciples gathered for prayer in the upper room They focused their prayers with purpose and the Holy Ghost fell. They prayed on Strait Street and an apostle was born From house to house they prayed and revival spread. They prayed and the miraculous happened in the death chamber. Cites were stirred. They prayed in the synagogue and truth was revealed. They prayed beside the seaside and the church was strengthened. They prayed at the riverside and a continent was evangelized. They prayed with fasting, with preaching, with praising, with giving and with breaking of bread. They prayed in one accord. They prayed continually and it was said of the early church, “These
that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.”

Prayer was more than a spiritual activity. It was the breath of their existence. It was a way of life.

They prayed and rejoiced in their victories. They prayed when trouble confronted them. They prayed when threatened by circumstances. They prayed for miracles. They prayed against demonic interference. They prayed down angelic intervention. They prayed and they praised-, and “the Lord added daily to the church such as should be saved.”

They prayed and signs and wonders were Wrought by the apostles. They prayed and awesome fear came upon them all. They prayed and gladness and singleness of heart gave them favor with the people. They prayed and they gave until no one was needy They prayed and great power accompanied their witness.

A exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men, for kings, for all that are in authority…

First of all, prayer!

The great revival of the 1850’s started with one man asking a few to join him for noontime prayer. It grew until prayers filled the streets at noon in New York and then it spread across the nation and around the world.

The great Azuza Street revival began in a prayer meeting – a real prayer meeting patterned after the upper room prayer meeting where people continued with one accord in prayer and supplication.

First of all, prayer — not programs, not personalities – is the power of the church.

Spirit ’95 was witness to what prayer and fasting (in one accord) can accomplish.

41,760 meals were fasted. 31,594 hours were prayed. 1,000 tracts were distributed and people invited to Holy Ghost Rallies. 790 Bible Studies. 1,272 brought visitors with hearts prepared to receive truth. Over 600 people received the Holy Ghost in five rallies, which led to hundreds attending church on Pentecost Sunday across our state ready to
receive the Holy Ghost.

The church had worked, fasted, prayed and harvested in one accord-, the Holy Ghost fell on 300(+) in one day, just as it did on “The Day of Pentecost.” Praise be to God!

Now, let us continue steadfastly in prayer and fasting for Harvest ’96!