A Resolution Worth Keeping


It’s that time of year when our conscience is asking, “What have you resolved to do in 2002?” There is one resolution heaven is waiting for, and that is for you to be a soulwinner. Have you ever thought I want to do something with my burden, but I just don’t know what, or with whom? I don’t have any worldly friends. I want to be a soulwinner, but how do I overcome my fear? How do I get started?

Soulwinning is an art that is cultivated by passion, prayer, wisdom, and practicality. This article focuses on the practicality. Here are a few things to help you get started.

Befriend sinners. Befriending the lost starts by being a positive, happy person who others like to be around.

When you meet new people, look for areas of common ground and stay away from differences. Start a pattern of seeing the same people consistently. Right now I have Debra at the bank; Lisa, the late night cashier, at Wal Mart; Darlene at the cleaners; and Lidia at the boutique. There are people all around you
like these. Remember their names. Write down things to talk about the next time you see them.

Develop a good rapport so they anticipate seeing you. A couple of weeks ago, Lisa was so anticipating talking to me, that she hollered my name across eighteen cashier lanes. I was so glad she was on the night shift. Be sensitive to any of their physical needs. People don’t care how much you know until they
know how much you care. Be Jesus to them. Win them over as a friend first. People who trust you will listen to you.

Witness. This is the natural next step. Pray for God to open the right doors at the right times. This may mean you will be at the right place at the right time-often during a crisis with them. It is a fact that people come to God in crisis. We must have the courage to go through it with them. Be confident enough to walk through the door God has opened. Try to determine what is their baseline relationship with God. Do they believe in God? Are they committed religiously? Do they ever wonder if there is more of God than what they have experienced? Would they like a home Bible study where they could learn and ask

Once you have an established relationship, there are things to inquire about during your conversations.

Always build on what they have already experienced or know. Never take away from any positive experience they have encountered. In time, the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Ghost can take away what’s not needed.

You will cancel out your influence if you discount or minimize what they already have.

Share your personal testimony with them. This is your greatest asset, because it is your own experience.

Never talk negative about your church, just talk about all the great things happening there. Spark their interest and build their faith. Tell them how someone was healed or delivered from cigarettes. A seed of faith will grow, but you must plant it first.

When the time is right, invite them to come to church with you. Make it easy for them to come. Offer to pick them up or invite them over for dinner before or after the service. Sit with them and introduce them to others as your “friend.” Answer their questions about the service. Be positive, but not defensive. Take them to meet the pastor and others who will make them feel welcome. Afterward, let them talk about their experience. Listen. Discern. Then talk.

Be honest. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not talk off the top of your head. It is okay to not know an answer. Tell them, “This is a very good question. I don’t feel like I have all of the answer, so let me study it and get back to you.” Tell them when you will have the answer, and follow through with it.

Your word is more important than your knowledge. Give answers that are biblical. Show them Scripture.

Let them read the verses. Stay in the Word and away from personal opinions.

The Word is truth and light, and it will bring revelation. Use a good study Bible that can explain the original meanings of words.Teach a Bible study.

Setting up the Bible study should come easily when a person is hungry and asking questions. Decide on the best time and place. Get as much information as possible on their religious background. Make yourself familiar with their beliefs so you will know where they need additional instruction. Pray for
wisdom, direction, and understanding. Choose a Bible study that you are comfortable with and that will best meet the needs of your friend. Study and prepare, but do not stress.

Teaching the Bible study is the really fun art. Pray with them and ask the Lord for understanding as you study His Word. Start by explaining the format of the Bible. Establish the authority of the Bible as God’s Word. Teach the lesson and allow time for questions and feedback. Ask them to talk about the lesson. This helps them take ownership of what they have learned and apply it practically. Pray with them about any personal requests they have. Give them a short, uplifting passage to read during the week, and set a time for you next lesson. During the week, give them an encouraging call or note. Expect the seed to produce, be there to pray with them to receive the Holy Ghost.

Soulwinning is addictive! You will not stop with just one convert. Winning souls brings more joy and fulfillment than any of life’s other activities. In heaven someone will thank you for keeping your number one resolution for 2002. If you haven’t made this resolution yet, it’s not too late.