Altar Working with Children

Altar Working with Children
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1. Make sure you smell good — put on deodorant and use a breath mint

2. Get on the kids level. Don’t tower over them.

3. Find out their name and ask them what they are praying for. If they are praying for the Holy Spirit make sure they have repented. If they have not lead them in a simple repeat-after-me prayer for repentance.

4. Make sure they don’t have gum or candy. If they do ask them to spit it out (you may want to have a tissue handy). If they are not willing to give up candy to pray for the Holy Spirit then they are not ready. (It shows a willingness to be obedient and they have to want God’s Spirit more than candy.)

5. Explain how easy it is to receive the Holy Spirit. Let them know all they need to do is lift up their hands, worship and God will fill them with His spirit. Make sure they know that what they are going to say will not make sense to them and it may sound like baby talk. (You may need to explain it is the same way you learned how to talk, you didn’t say full sentences at once )

6. Let them have their arms at a comfortable level, they don’t need to be held straight up the whole time. Encourage them to keep their face toward God and their eyes closed. If you notice that the child is getting tired stop them and ask if they want to sit down and if they would like to keep praying.

7. Only one person talking to the child so there is not confusion. Stay in front of them and keep YOUR eyes open. You need to see what is happening.

8. Some kids cry, others don’t. Some will get the Holy Spirit in less than three minutes others won’t If your kid has been praying for a while and they are stuck on I love you Jesus. Stop them and encourage them to try other ways of worship. Help them out. Many kids will close their mouth the minute they either run out of things to say or they feel that they are not sure what is about to come out of their mouth. Encourage them to keep their mouth open and not be afraid of what is going to come out. Remind them there is no wrong way to speak in tongues and that the only people who will hear them are you, that kid, and God.

9. Don’t be afraid to stop a kid that has been praying for a while and see what is happening in their mind. See if you can help them look at receiving the Holy Spirit a slightly different way. Example — it’s like jumping off a cliff you just have to let go.

10. When the child is done praying even if you know for sure they spoke in tongues ask them if they know what happened. You could even ask if they spoke in a language they don’t know or said words they don’t know. If they did not get the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues don’t let them leave discouraged. Encourage them to keep praying at home and seeking the Holy Spirit. Let them know that they don’t have to be at church to receive the Holy Spirit.

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