By Bro. Lee Stoneking

To begin this solo flight “88, I want to talk to you from my heart a teaching session, and the text I want to draw from was penned originally by the man who’s name was Paul. In II Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17.

The Bible says: “Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Old things are past away, behold all things are become new, and all things are of God, who have reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and have given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”

Verse 19 says: “To wit God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them, and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.”

Now then that we are ambassadors for Christ. I want to simply call this tonight “Ambassadors.” There are a number of terms which the Bible refers to those who make up the Kingdom of God. Ambassadors, bride, children, conquerors, disciples, friends, servants, but for tonight’s purpose let work with the word Ambassadors.

The Bible calls us Ambassadors. What could that mean biblically speaking; what are the ramifications, what are the burdens involved with such a title? It’s interesting to learn that down through the ages titles given to heads of government have changed, where leaders were once called Ceasers today are known as Presidents. Kings have been replaced by prime ministers.

However, since the days of Isaiah the title or term Ambassadors is still one that has remained its original meaning. The word Ambassadors means a diplomat appointed to a country as a representative of his own country. The Apostle Paul said that Christians were Ambassadors for Christ. What could it mean tonight to be an Ambassador for Jesus Christ?

We are Ambassadors and even though Ambassadors are a citizen of another country, we must establish residency in the country of assignment. So we must establish residence in this world. Though we are not of this world, we are residing here for a short term of duty. It might be very comfortable this home that is given to us or it could be less than expected.

Ambassador is to remember that his permanent residence is in the homeland. Therefore he should be content with whatever is provided for him. An Ambassador must learn to speak two languages fluently. The language of his homeland and the language of the people to whom he is sent. The language of the homeland is to be spoken only in the privacy of the ambassador’s home or when he is with fellow countrymen. So this speaking with tongues that we do which is the language of the homeland is to be done in the privacy or in an embassy or when we are gathered together co-workers and co-ambassadors for the cause of the Kingdom of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This is to ensure that the people of his appointed country always clearly understand his words.

The Ambassador must insist that his children also learn both languages. An Ambassador must carefully build an honorable representation in his adopted country. He is to live by strict guidelines, to be well disciplined in private affairs, to have impeachable manners and to conduct himself with dignity at all times. By the action of the Ambassador the nation in which he serves will judge the reputation and the honor of His King.

An Ambassador is expected to be friendly and congenial but his time is not to be dominated by social events. Neither is he to live as on an extended vacation. The Ambassador must never lose sight of his purpose he is to give an account of his actions at the end of his tour of duty.

An Ambassador must be careful concerning his appearance and the appeal he chooses. For they are to be in keeping with the dignity of his position and according to the customs of the homeland. Not the customs of the land in which he dwells. But an Ambassador is to dress like the people of his homeland. Therefore as Ambassador tonight we do not look like this world, we do not act like this world, we do not talk like this world, we do not run to the same excessive riot this world runs to, because we represent another kingdom, another domain, another kingdom, his name is Jesus of Nazareth. We represent the Kings of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And so we dress with modesty and with holiness in keeping with the light and the glory of the resurrected one who is about to return to this present world again.

An Ambassador must be very careful where he goes because his arrival is usually announced, even if it is not officially announced. He is easily recognized. For the people soon learn who he is and friend of mine, they soon learn who you are. Because you look different, and you cat different, and you are different, and you come walking on the job, they say there’s one of them. When you walk in a grocery store, they can spot you because you are different then the others who come in, you are an ambassador with a royal appointment and a divine assignment to this present world.

An Ambassador is expected to obey the laws of his assigned country, however, he has diplomatic immunity. And is never required to violate his conscious, customs or traditions or dress codes. Therefore, no matter what the public school systems say, no matter what the style says, we have diplomatic immunity and we don’t ever have to break those traditions or our conscious. And I’ve got news for you that we’re not going to. I am so glad I am one of them, I am so glad that I am counted in this great cloud of witnesses. We have diplomatic immunity.

An Ambassador must have official credentials or proof of the power vested in him by his King. We have the most powerful credentials in all of existence tonight. Because we have them to water in the name that is above every name and in that name is the power that brought a body out of a tomb and, “Behold He is alive forevermore.” His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We have been to water in His name. I an not just Lee Stoneking, but I am Lee Stoneking Jesus. And you are not just so and so but rather there is a name tacked onto the end of your name and that name is Jesus. He is coming in the clouds of glory he is not going to be looking for your little old tattoo name he’s looking for name that is above every name and that name is our credential. Not only do we have his name but he has given us something that is unspeakable in the fullness of glory, peace, joy, and happiness. And that is his very breath, his very life, his very spirit. Not only do I have his name, but I have his spirit, and his spirit is the divine power of the resurrected one. He said, “I lay down my life, but I will take it again.” And he did take it again, and that power of credential is invested in you and is invested in me, I got it and You got it. We have
credentials. And that is why it is written, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church,” why, because we have credentials. We’re not out there by ourselves, we have credentials. Say I got credentials. Say I’m an Ambassador.

An Ambassador is expected to constantly improve his gratifications, capabilities and skills. And be willing to accept added responsibilities.
There is no place in this to stop. Either you are battling or you are building. You are doing one or the other all the time. There is not place
to check out of this. Because you are on a royal assignment and a divine commission.

An Ambassador should stay in daily communication with His King. Thereby making himself available to receive information from the homeland. It is the law of ambassadorship that an ambassador must stay in daily communication with the King. The King must know where the Ambassador is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Ambassador must also keep his King informed of all current events of the assigned country. People, tonight, it is the will of God that we stay in daily contact with him and that he knows where we are, what we are doing all of the time. And we need to get beyond this vain repetition and get down to business and tell Him what was on the headlines today. Jesus it is time to take this country over and we need to inform Him of what is going on here and ask Him to do something about it
because you can’t fight what you can not see. You can pray a river of the spirit into the government, into the opposite situations. And let me tell you He’s the one who can fix it up. He can do it. He can change your life. He can turn things around. HE can make everything new because He is the King and He’s got the answers and He knows how to do it.

An Ambassador must be very sufficient in conducting official business. Always ready to speak in behalf of his country, or deliver messages of importance. He is expected to study all written material sent from the homeland. An Ambassador is required to study all written material sent from the homeland. So he can intelligently and speak positively concerning all policies and treaties. If you don’t know what the material says how are you going to speak on behalf of the kingdom. If you don’t know what’s in the book how are you going to tell the world what is in the book? If an Ambassador seems confused, changing his opinions, and changing information, he will portray an image of inconsistent and weakness in his governments. We have Ambassadors between us who have changed their views, who have gone
backward, who have taken a swing here. Let me tell you something folks, it is in the book, the simplicity of the gospel is in the book. You don’t have a right to swing to the left or right or go backward. The only way in this thing is straight ahead. It’s the only way to go what is good enough to save me is good enough to keep me. If this thing brought me out of the world it will get me out of the world further at the sound of a trumpet.

An Ambassador must bear in mind that he is only a messenger and he is expected to speak the exact instructions, views, opinions, and demands of his King as if they were his own. Yet he has no authority to make compromises, he is not to judge the King’s words, right or wrong, nor has the authority to change or delete any of the King’s instructions. It is the Ambassadors responsibility to see that there are no wrong impressions concerning his King. And the homeland is never misunderstood.

An Ambassador, although generally treated with honor and respect, may on occasion encounter insults and humiliation. Also there may be confrontation deliberately arranged to test his ability and skills. Though he himself may not be aware that this is just a test to check him out. He may never be aware that they are merely tested, yet he must remain calm and in control, performing with competence. He must remember that arrogance and rudeness on his part are forbidden and that an retaliation should come from homelands. It is not me they are against, it is not you they are against, it is what we represent that they are against. If we would let down on any one of these things they will receive us with open arms. But we can not let down because we are on a divine assignment. But we can not let down because we
are on a divine assignment. I don’t have the authority to let down or to let go. Ambassadors are taught to let down or to let go. Ambassadors are taught that if they are struck, they are never to take it personally. It is done against the customs they represent, it is done against the King that has sent them. It is not against you, it is not against me, it is against this man Jesus, that walks in my heart, that walks in my soul day by day. If you knock on the door and they slam the door in your face and will not receive your invitation. Don’t be insulted, Jesus is standing there, it is him that is rejected. I would to God that we were as vulnerable as Jesus. If all of us were as vulnerable as Him I believe we could do something to lift this present world. Are you aware of the fact that every time we come to church, every time the offering plate goes by you, you can hear Him saying Alms, Alms. He’s a beggar for money to support His Kingdom. Every time an invitation is given, every time an altar call is given, He comes down and stands to be rejected or accepted by the likes of us. To me it is incredible that the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords would subject himself to what he does but if you and I had the grace to stoop too, I believe we could lift a fallen world. If we are so afraid of being embarrassed, we are so afraid of a lot of things, forget all of that. I represent a mission, I represent a commission, I represent a divine assignment. I will not back away because he has sent me, and he has sent you.

An Ambassador has two special duties connected with his opposition. Number one, he must help people to acquire citizenship papers to his country. He must encourage tourist trade by telling people they should visit his country. In this royal assignment that we are in, it is the will of God for us to get citizenship papers into the hands of people in this country to whom we have been assigned and to encourage them to visit our country because once they ever visit they will never come back to this place. If they ever get a glimpse, if they ever get a taste of what it is that we have a hold of, they will never come back to this world. You can come from anything to this but you can not go from this to anything else because there is nothing else to go to. What could possibly be better than this? There is nothing better than this. Except more of it!!!!!

An Ambassador’s required duties include protecting the citizens of his homeland and who are in his assigned country. If danger is approaching, the Ambassador is to keep the citizens advised. Help the citizens make preparation to leave at a moments notice. That is why Bro. Larson was so vivant. He is an Ambassador, he has received a message from the homeland and he is advising and he is alerting us to what is about to take place.

The Ambassador is to make citizens aware of the escape routes in cases of emergency. And the emergency is near. May I tell you directions, it is not to the right, nor to the left, nor forward or backward, IT’S UP!!! The escape route is UP!!! In a moment in a twinkle of an eye, we’re going to be gone. Ambassadors are to assure citizens that they will be provided protection. We will be provided with protection. You won’t need a jet, you won’t need to buy a ticket for it is already purchased. It is riding on the fibers of my soul. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Every time my hearts beats, it is pumping Holy Ghost in every vain, in every artery. All citizens are to be treated equally. If a citizen expresses personal likeness, the Ambassador must regard him with the same respect he would regard one of the Kings family. What I’m saying tonight is that you’re not just a nobody, you are a somebody. It is true we are all a bunch of sinner saved by grace. We were a bunch of nobodies but through Him we have become somebodies.

An Ambassador must offer complete safety inside the embassy to people in dangerous situations. It is the will of God that as an Ambassador to often complete safety inside the embassy. The church is the embassy. You are protected in this embassy. There is no devil, or demon, or power in their assigned country that has authority over you. And any person who remains inside the embassy and receive the protection of the Ambassador, Kings will not be hindered. And so it is here tonight, I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done, where you come from. If you get inside of the embassy and you ask for protection, there is no devil or congregation of devils that can drag you out of the embassy.

An embassy, a church is vitally important, for in the embassy the Ambassador is required to create a pleasant atmosphere with furnishings from the homeland. Now granted this carpet is not gold but it is the best we can do you see until we get there. But there is something about a little fresh carpet and a few palm trees, and a few niceties that when we get together to praise his name, and the choir begins to sing, and you close your eyes, it is so reminiscent of the homeland. Familiar surroundings are more conduce to efficient management of the affairs of the King. You know just worship better when everything is together.

The embassy personnel should always be prepared to serve refreshments to visitors. There is a whole table spread here tonight and you can eat as much as you want. You can just come back for seconds and thirds and fourths and fifths. This is the only place where you come and commit gluttony. You can be a spiritual gluten. You can be a drunkard in this place tonight. There is a message entitled “Stand up to the Bar,” you know why? Because there is new wine flowing down from Heaven. The bar is loaded and the drinks are on the house. You can drink as much as you want to drink. You can get flat out drunk and no one is going to say anything to you and no one is going to think you’re strange because this is that which was prophesied by the prophet Joel and: “In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh,” and this is that. Anyone is welcome to visit the embassy but ironically few people ever visit the embassy unless they are in your church but ironically few people ever come in. It is the will of God for us to invite people into the embassy. Wonderful isn’t it, to be an Ambassador.

An Ambassador will be immediately replace if found disloyal. It is very tragic for an Ambassador to be dismissed for his position is highly
esteemed. If replaced the Ambassador loses the respect of both the homeland and the assigned country. You know how it really is Pentecostals? You can’t ever go back to the world. You may try but they don’t really want you because you’re marked. They know that you’ve been an Ambassador. You lose out of this and backslide, you won’t fit in the world and you won’t fit in the church. And nobody wants you. Because you’ve been one of them. They hate us because we live like this, but if you ever fail in this they’ll despise you because you are weak. So the thing to do is go after them, bring them to the embassy, get them citizenship papers and they’ll act just like us. An Ambassador can mess up and be dismissed if he breaks the laws of his homeland. An Ambassador is not to become overly concerned with
further investments. In his assigned country, regardless of how adventurous they may seem. He must be willing to suffer personal lost or inconvenience in the interest of the homeland. Having complete assurance that he will be repaid eventually, other experts will handle his affairs in the homeland and as a final benefit he is guaranteed an exceptional retirement. Someone said to a preacher, “How is the pay?” He said, “It is not very good, but the retirement plan is out of this world.” And friend of mine, you might not have everything you want down here but the retirement plan is out of this world. Take this whole world, but give me Jesus.

An Ambassador’s verbal and written oath of loyalty to his country which we have made is followed by a sealed oath from his King. The King’s oath is always supported by the strength of the armed forces of the homeland. Therefore an Ambassador’s safety, freedom and protection are guaranteed. David said, “For the angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him.” I’m not alone tonight. There are angels here tonight. You’re not alone in your house. There are angels there. God, the King of Kings said they that toucheth you toucheth me. “You’re the apple of my eye. He that blesseth me I will bless, he who curseth me I will curse.” You talk about an oath. An Ambassador is provided a capable escort to the homeland if a dangerous situation arises and the Ambassadors stasis in the homeland never changes. No matter what happens down here friend, our stasis never changes over there. This world may get darker and darker but it is written. “He who is within you is greater than he that is in the world.” You know what that means. That mess out there can never get greater than what is inside of me. The gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Greater is he. The full strength of heaven is behind the Ambassador every possible measure will be taken to assure the Ambassador’s safety, and just before a war the King takes the Ambassador home. And friend of mine, our tour of duty is just about over. The King is just about ready to take us home. We are Ambassadors and I want to represent to you Jesus of Nazareth. Would you stand to your feet tonight and worship Him? May you never be the same again. Let’s worship Him tonight.

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