Angels: A Biblical Survey

Angels: A Biblical Survey
Pastor Robert E. Henson

Among the numerous supernatural subjects that are introduced in the Holy Bible, one of the most fascinating is the existence and ministry of angels. It is a shame that so many of us have been so unknowing and unaware of them. I guess this “gap” in our spiritual literacy has been due, at least in part, to the fact that much of what angels do, they do “incognito” in the physical realm.

Angels are a fact of the Bible and of God’s dealing with humanity. The word `angel’ means messenger or agent. It must be clearly understood that God created the angels and that He allows them the privilege of acting on His behalf to carry out His prescribed will. Primarily, the agency of angels is from God to man, and angels are employed in nearly every major event of God’s relationship with man.


Consider the following dozen matters associated with angels:

I. They were created before man. (Ps. 148:2, 5; Job 38:7; Ps. 8:1)

2. They are a higher order of being than mankind. (Ps. 8:1)

3. They were created for God’s pleasure. (Rev. 4:11)

4. There are two main groups of angels; namely holy angels and fallen angels (angels of Satan, demons). NOTE: In this article the entire focus is on the angels of God or holy angels.

5. They are multitudes of angels. (Heb. 12:22; Rev. 5:11)

6. The “natural” habitat of angels is Heaven. (Mt. 24:36)

7. The Scriptures forbid the praying to or the worshipping of angels. (Col. 2:18; Rev. 22:8 & 9)

8. Angels consist of spirit substance. (Heb. 1:14)

9. Angels are distinct from other heavenly creatures such as chembims, scraphims, and the living creatures. (Compare Gen. 3:24, Ezekiel 1:5-28, Ezekiel 10:20, Isa. 6:2-7, Rev. 4:7-8 and Rev. 7:11. The other creatures have a variety of features never ascribed in the Bible to angels.)

10. Angels do not have wings listed in their Biblical descriptions.

11. Angels can and do make visible appearances and are known to look like men. (Gen. 19:1, 10, 12; Luke 24:4) 12. There are various ranks and types of angels. The ranks go from the “common” angels to the archangel, which means the chief messenger. The main types of angels include warriors and messengers (Dan. 10:13; Jude 9; Rev. 12:7)


The ministry of angels is very intriguing. Included in their agent and messenger services for God are several awe-inspiring responsibilities.

Consider that a nation can have a national guardian angel. Israel did, as noted in Dan. 10:21 and 12:1.

Children have assigned guardian angels. This truth is taken for granted in Christ’s bold proclamation in felt. 18:10.

God-fearing people are given personal protection by an angel who is to stay near them. This beautiful truth is espoused in Psalm 34:7.

The born-again New Testament believer has access to angels to assist him in his walk with God through this old world. This beautiful truth is spelled out in Hebrews 1:14. They can give certain types of direction and bring answers to prayers (note Acts 8:26 and Acts 10).


Before this article is concluded, it must be noted that nowhere in the New Testament were angels ever ordained or allowed to preach the Gospel to the lost. That is distinctly and uniquely the ministry of Christ’s Church. It is our responsibility to get the truth out into the hands and hearts of people.

Furthermore, even if angels were to testify, witness, teach or preach, they would have not authority or right to preach any other gospel than that preached by the First Church. The original New Testament church, without exception, preached that plan of salvation that included the following:

* Faith in Jesus Christ
* Repentance
* Water Baptism in Jesus Name
* Holy Spirit Baptism. evidenced by speaking with other tongues
* A faithful, godly and holy life (Acts 2:1-4, 38; Acts 10:3448; Acts 19:1-6 & many other N. T. scriptures.)

This was the essential message of the Book of Acts Church – the Church Jesus built!

The Bible makes it clear this message is not- be tampered with or changed by anybody; no-not even by angels! Gal. 1:8 declares, “But though we, OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, preach any other gospel unto you… let him be accursed.” [Emphasis added]

Have you obeyed Acts 2:38 just exactly as it is? If not, don’t wait on an angel to change the plan.


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