Annual Key Ministry Training Events

By Tim Massengale

At the start of the New Year it is important to set aside key training times for critical ministry training within the church. Training is essential. For the most part, ministry workers are volunteers. They have not been chosen because of their past experience, nor have they been selected because they went to college or received specialized training for their position. They were chosen because they were willing, carried a burden for that work, and desired to be used of God. Their motivation is not a paycheck, but rather storing up treasures in heaven. Help them be their best. Key ministry training to consider during the year are as follows:

a. Sunday School Teachers – Held at least annually. Extremely important.
b. Home Bible Study Teachers – Held 3-4 times a year. Emphasis on new converts attending.
c. Choir Clinic – Requires bringing in a skilled clinician. Done annually or bi-annually.
d. Bus Worker Training – Emphasize keys to bus ministry success (i.e. – how to win parents).
e. Visitor Follow-up Workers – Teach keys to making a successful follow-up visit.
f. Soul Winning Training – How to witness. Often taught to entire church on Bible study night.
g. Usher / Hostess Training – How-to’s, do’s/don’ts, emergency procedures. Very important!
h. Altar Working Seminar – Often taught to entire church. Should be taught annually.
i. Financial Freedom Seminar – Often called “Stewardship Seminar.” How to manage your money.
j. Youth Seminar – Covers key topics faced by today’s youth. Held annually.
k. Service Gifts Seminar – Importance of finding your gifts and callings. Taught to entire church.

Most of these do not require bring in an outside expert, although that is certainly an option. They can be effectively taught by the pastor or leadership staff. Some can be held during normal service times. Others require a Saturday seminar or several weekday evenings.

This article “Annual Key Ministry Training Events” was excerpted from: Guaranteed Growth Newsletter by Tim Massengale. December 2009

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