".... I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18.

It would be good to review the list of those attending the first church service recorded in the Bible. In the book of Acts we see that people were there from "every nation under heaven." The Lord planned this special meeting so His Word could be taken back to every nation. Did this happen? Was the Acts 2 message preached in all the "nations under heaven?" Was this soul saving message anesthetized by the devil for many years? Or has it just been hid from the pages of history by works of the devil? In this study we will find that the later is true. The enemy tried to erase the revival record that has taken place for the last 20 centuries. In search for the answer to this question by many scholars, and myself as well, many hidden records of the Acts 2 church have been uncovered. These records prove, without a doubt, that the church of our Lord and Savior has been alive and well for every century since the day of Pentecost. Many large organizations, who taught the New Testament message, have been discovered through out the Church Age. It has always been hard for me to believe that the Lord died only for the first century and the last century. The gates of hell has never prevailed against His church.

"....devoted men out of every nation under heaven." Acts 2:5.... Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judaea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God. Acts 2:9-11

Just consider the eye witness story these devoted men from ever nation under heaven had to tell when they went back home. Has this important passage slipped by without analyzing the potential explosive evangelistic tool that the Lord set in motion?

In this study I will address the following question. Has the church been alive and well since the day of Pentecost? Did the church die, or lay dormant during the so called "Dark Ages?"  Was the Azusa street and the Topeka, Kansas outpouring of the Holy Spirit the first recorded in America?  Why is there not more Apostolic Christian history available?

The church has suffered many setbacks but the worst have consistently been when men went outside the Word of God for operational instructions. That is what happened in the Garden of Eden.  That is what is happening today by dogmas of men. The Holy Scripture is all that is needed to operate the Lord's church.

Historians and Theologians have omitted the true church from history by deliberately destroying historical documents and by their biased and prejudice teachings. However, after much research the true church has emerged with inspiring information to let us know that the same church, that was started on the day of Pentecost, has never died, never been weak, but has for the last 2000 years been alive and well on planet earth just like Jesus said it would be.

Both historians and religionists smeared, named called, bad-mouthed, and libeled Apostolic Christians. Therefore, we cannot rely upon histories as pertaining to religious qualities of non-Cathohcs. Why? Because Bible believers were slurred by the writers of religious history. American religious history books are full of such slander.

The slander and religionists smearing of the Apostolic Church is the way investigators were able to discover the true church during each century. All that researchers had to do was look at who the Catholic Church was against. Who and what were these HERETICS? They were surprised to find that almost all of them preached and practiced the message given on the day of Pentecost. These so called Heretics used many organizational names, throughout the centuries as we will discover in this study. Such names as Donatist, Samosatene, Celtic Christianity, Albigensians, Anabaptist, Cathari, Mani, Noetus, Priscillianism, Sabellians, are just a few of the Act 2 Organizations that have been alive and well since the Day of Pentecost.

The following is a brief report of the church during each century since the Day of Pentecost. First is listed the Apostolic Church, then the Catholic system. Note the Catholic information is italics.

This study is by no means an attack on the Catholic Church. However, it is a factual testimony of how man made rules overruled God's commands. This led to a great persecution and slaughter, of Jesus Named people, by the Catholic system. Historical references are listed after each quote, with author and page number of the quote.

AD 33-100

    AD*34 Philip baptized the Ethiopian. This new convert took the Acts message to North Africa and started North African Christianity. This message spread through all of Africa. (A. Meander pp. 71, 79, 132, 424), It) It never perished.

    AD 46-50* Paul, et.al., evangelized Asia Minor and lower Europe. (Acts 15:14)

    AD 51* Paul preached on Mars Hill at Athens, Greece. (Acts 17:22)

    AD 50-60* Apostle Thomas indoctrinated Malabar, India with Acts 2:38 doctrine. (A.S. Atiya, pp. 53,261)

    AD 66-90* THEY WENT OUT FROM US, because they were not of us. (1 John 2:19; Jude 13). Most were apostate Greeks who had been seethed in Platonism, polytheism, mythology and philosophy. Some could never understand monotheism.

    AD 90* CATHOLIC CHURCH starts. TRINITARlANISM invented. (L. Paine, pp. 86, 287). It was derived from Plato's celestial arithmetic. (L. Hogben, p. 266).. 266).. 266). Tertullian twisted Plato's TIMAEUS into his "TRINITAS. " Here started the Trinity.

AD 100-200

The Acts water baptism continued. (A. Meander, Neander, p. 301). 301) , Tongues. 301) Tongues speaking continued. (W. Horton, pp. 71-75,50). They preached the Apostolic One God message. (Blunt, p.. 440).

    AD 96-100* Apostle John died. He had carried on for Paul and evangelized the Roman world, Armenia, Malabar, Saxony, and Glastonbury.

    AD 117* Celtic missionaries spread Acts 2 over Western Europe. (A. Neander, p 49). Gospel preached in China. (Langer, p. 537).  Apostolics had Bibles. (Blunt, p. 127).

    AD 157* MONTANISM amplified. (Blunt,pp.338,440). Montanist were One God tongue talkers, Acts 2 Christians. Montanist were also called SABELLIANISM. (Blunt, PP. 340, 440). Montanism was alive as late as 1909 in Moravia. R.A. Knox, p. 402).. 

    AD 175* Early ideas about purgatory. catechism. and confirmation seeped into Catholicism which was adopted from the Orphic cult. (Bernstein & Green, 78)..

    AD 180* THE NORTH AFRICAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH fought the Catholic system. (A. Neander, p. 132, H.C..,  Frend,. , p.91).

    AD 193* Emperor SEPTIMUS SEVERUS forbade any to join Apostolic Christianity or Judaism! (H. F. Frend, 91).

AD 200-300

    AD 200* Hundreds of thousands continued Holy Spirit tongues, gifts of the Spirit. This Apostolic doctrine was in Europe, Eurasia, Asia, including China, and North Africa. (Heck, p. 150, M.T., Kelsey, pp. 40,41). 

    AD 204* Basilides martyred because he preached Acts 2 message.

    AD 217-222* CALLISTUS devised the hail Marys, self-tortures and proclaimed himself. (O.W. Heck, p, 101)..

    AD 230* TERTULLIAN declared that tongues-speaking Monarchians outnumbered Catholics. (A. C. Mc Giffert, p. 239).

    AD 240* MANI, born in Persia, baptized in Jesus Name, knew glossolalia, and kept the feast of Pentecost. (Blunt,p.289;J.Laux,p.141).

    AD 252* The Council of Cartage directed that newborn infants be baptized within 8 days. (N.C.. Eberhardt, p, 117).

    AD 275-300* MAMAS and DONATUS came on the theological scene. Donatism was of Sabellianism In AD 350 this group had 400 churches. (L. Verduin, pp. 30, 258), pp. 30, 258) QUOTE: "In the forms of some of the different sects (Montanist, Donatist, Sabellian, Arian, ect,.) the Monarchian controversy agitated the church of Rome...during the third century, and in the fourth, and called for the two great Councils of Nicea and Constantinople." (J.H. Blunt, P. 332).

AD 300-400

The major churches of the...East were of Apostolic origin." (A. S. Atiya)

    AD 304* Emperor Diocletian killed Jesus Name people. One God Christians were martyred by Rome. (Martyrs Mirror, p. 155)..

    AD 313* CONSTANTINE became Emperor of all Rome. AD 325 he held the NICENE COUNCIL. the start of TRINITARIANISM.

    AD 320-340* WOLFLEIN (Little Wolf) was one of the greatest Apostolic preachers. He translated the GOTHIC BIBLE. He was responsible for baptism of millions of Europeans in Jesus Name. (H. Daniel-Rops, After. 110). After the Nicean Council persecution was more severely levied against them. Only Apostolic Churches continued. (Meander, p., 126). 

    AD 361* Apostolic churches confiscated by Catholics of Constantinople. We have been duped into supposing Catholicism was dominant by AD 370. There was but a handful of them in Africa. (R.A. Knox, p. 58)..

    AD 390* Emperor Theodosius II killed 7000 Jesus Named Thessalonians. (Wm. Langer, p. 129), 

AD 400-500

Beyond the reach or Rome in outlying places such as Saxony, Netherlands, Languedoc, etc., there were whole organizations of Acts 2 Christians. (J.H. Blunt, 15).. 

    AD 431* COUNCIL OF EPHESUS (Laux. p. 154). The popes (199 of them) proclaimed Mary to be the "MOTHER OF GOD. " (E. Fodor, Turkey 1970, p. 243).


    AD 453* Pentecostal glossolalists martyred by Pope Leo I, some were tongues speaking Priscillianists. (Roth, p. 35).

    AD 476* ROMAN EMPIRE FELL! Rome could no longer lord over other nations. Vain historians wept and moaned over the fall of corrupt Rome.

    AD 476-1000* THEDARKAGES.

    AD 502* The majority of people in W. European tribes had been baptized into the Name of Jesus. (H. Daniel-Rops, p. 110). 

    AD 540-670* Bede, "English History" p. 148, found one-God people throughout England.

AD 600-700

Christianity was found in several Modalistic Monarchian organizations. These were generally referred to collectively as: CATHARI.

    AD 610* JESUS NAME WATER BAPTISM (Lambert, p. 62). The Jesus Christ water baptism was almost the only one in Frisia until AD 689. There were almost no Catholics. (J. Laux, p. 218)..

    NOTE: For 526 years (since AD 37-42) Apostolic Celts in Britain had kept the 14th NISAN Passover! One God doctrine was the dominant religion by far. (E.T. Thompson, "Through the Ages, pp. 106-108). The world has been duped into supposing Catholicism was the only religion there was.

    AD 662* MOSLEMS FOUGHT CATHOLICS. Islamism was strong. Muslims had the KORAN, their Holy Book. (Bernstein & Green, p. 172). Muslims in Spain were the Moors; and they protected Jews and other one God Christians from Catholic interest.

    AD 695* Jews were killed in Spain by the Catholics. The adult Jews were martyred in Spain by Catholic believers and children of the Jews were seized and reared as Catholics! (C. Roth, p.127).

AD 700-800

Celtic-Gothic (Acts 2) Christianity infiltrate W. Europe. Apostolic Christianity was throughout the Eastern Hemisphere, from Frisia to China, in massive organizations which had different names. Montanist, Donatist, Manichee, etc. There could have been more than 40 One God Apostolic organizations. It is amazing to find so many references concerning ancient One God Apostolic people and preachers.

    AD 717* Moslem armies besieged Constantinople. Moslems mocked At Rome's religious system and called it idol worship. (Wm. Langer,p. 158). War started. Moslems (Moors) defeated the Spaniards. This accounts for Catholic-Spanish hate for Moors and Jews. In 1492 Spain regained power and then massed murdered Moors. Jews and Apostolics. 6.000.000 is one figure. (C.Roth,p. 123)

    AD 730* Pope Zachary was forced to acknowledge that the Christ baptism was dominant. (J.B. Russell,pp.172-175)

    AD 746-748* Great plagues struck. Cholera, diphtheria, struck and killed millions. ("Ency. Britannica, Vol. 17, Chicago, p. 1141).

AD 800-900

The Catholic hierarchy slandered all others as, HERETICS! However, alleged heretics filled the lands.

AD 800*Quote: "Donatism (Acts 2) was never absent from the medieval scene. It lasted for twelve centuries and it maintained the primitive Apostolic message." (L.Verduin, p.35).

The 9th century had more Apostolics than any other. The following references prove this. (Z. Oldenbourg, pp. 29,41,255; J.B. Ressell, pp. 5-14, 172-178). During this period the Catholic system almost suffered total collapse. Apostolic preachers were everywhere. There were more "false priest" as they were called who had been ordained in the Catholic system (Russell, p. 174).

AD 800*Vain kings like Pepin, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, etc., bowed to popes. (Wm. Langer, pp. l 50-155). Huge land grants were handed to the popes.

Charlemagne conquered and confiscated for the Vatican; he made about 54 military campaigns against non-Catholic countries, 18 against Saxony alone. (Berstein & Green, p. 200; E. T. Tompson, pp. 120-125). He then forced people into Catholicism.

AD 858-867*Pope Nicholas admitted that Jesus Name baptism was the valid one! ("Enc. Britannica, 11th ea., Vol 3, pp. 365-366).

AD 852-889*FEUDALISMSTARTED. This is how Europe became Catholic. Rulers used Catholic armies to crush Bulgaria; that religion was forced upon Czechs and Slavics, etc. Jews were then massacred. (Bernstein & Green, p. 150-1; Laux, pp 275-288).

AD 900-1000

The Acts 2 churches continued to grow. GLOSSOLALLA, tongue-speaking, was called MYSTICISM, by some historians. (Russell, p. 172). There were divine miracles and gifts of the Spirit. We find that many organizations slandered as HERETICS.

AD 923* Eugenia was baptized in Jesus Name.

AD 925* Pelagius was baptized in Jesus Name.

AD 980* Sympronius was baptized in Jesus Name. ("Martyrs Mirror,"  p. 256).

SIMONY erupted. This denotes offices bought or sold for money or favors. Some popes sold offices to the highest bidders. (Langer, pp. 215-217).

AD 995-999*King OLAFI of Norway, martyred thousands and with military might became the "man" of the lord, and served him! Later the lord handed to the bishop legal rights to the lands. Thus lands passed on to the Vatican. (Wm. Langer, p. 204). About the same time Catholic religion, was by power of the sword, imposed in Iceland and Greenland.

AD 1000-1100

    The name Cathari gradually faded. Then was heard the name ALBIGENSES. Yet later, Albigensian gradually gave way to ANABAPTISM. Anabaptism simply means to re-baptize someone. The Anabaptist did not believe in infant baptism. They would re-baptized sincere Christians in accordance with Acts 2 instructions.

    AD 1015*Russians were militarily forced into Catholic belief. (Wm. Langer, p. 243).

    AD 1029*Swedes were forced to take on Catholic belief.

    AD 1035*Danes were forced to take on Catholic belief.

    AD 1035*Salvic tribes were forced to accept Catholic belief:

    AD 1095*THE CRUSADERS. The Crusaders slaughtered Slavics and Jews on the way to Jerusalem. They took Jerusalem, mass murdered the Muslims and butchered 90.000 Jews. (Bersfein & Green p. 255) The Crusaders looted murdered And plundered. They spread venereal diseases all over the Mideast. Then the great PLAGUES broke out. In that holocaust millions died!

AD 1100-1200

    AD*1105 SCHOOLMEN men denied the Trinity.

    AD*1108 "MULTITUDES OF FREETHINKERS" This is what the Apostolics, that covered the land was called. Pentecostals in Europe numbered about 4,000,000. (Blunt, p. 15,35; J. B. Russelt pp. 54-80) It is interesting how these authors, Blunt and Russell, smeared, slandered those people. They were called "Henricians." Russell referred to them on page 76 as, "Apostolic holiness." They preached "hell fire" sermons. They used the Christ water baptism. Glossolalia was a common trait.

    Waldo, of Lyons, France was one of the first that turned to Rome for doctrinal approval. He created a hybrid protestant religion. (Blunt, 617).

Many Apostolics were put to death One little girl mocked and laughed as she died in the flames, would not up her m one God. 7000 referred to as pious witness of Jesus were martyred at Bourges. (J. H. Blunt, p. 412)

    AD 1121*COUNCIL of SOISSONS defended the Trinity attacked by the Schoolmen. (Blunt, p. 36)

    AD 1147*St. Bernard of Clairvaux, France stated, "33% of the Catholics went to protestant conventicles!" (L. Verduin, p. 173)

    AD 1164*PETER WALDO appeared! This was the beginning of PROTESTANT TRlNITARlANISM. WALDENSIANISM held Rome's Trinity. In 1179 Waldo's bishops went to Rome for approval. (Blunt, p.617). Waldo set the pattern for modern Trinitarian protestant religion. Luther, Swingli, Menno, etc., followed.

AD 1200-1300

    AD 1214*0n July 27, the frightful happened. France's Catholic government gained control of Languedoc from the English. North France could, under Vatican orders, exterminate the mighty numbers of Apostolics. The papal INQUISITION was unleased upon all non-Catholics. (E. T. Thompson, pp 157-160; Roth, p. 36; Bernstein & Green, pp. 255,302).

    ALBIGENSIANS MASSACRED. Who were the Albigensians that vain historians, supporting Rome, have so slandered? They were Holy Ghost filled, Jesus Named baptized, God fearing citizens who read their Bibles. They had ecclesiastical systems, schools and hospitals in over 1000 cities. (L. Verduin, pp. 106-115). They were driven out of their cities, then Catholic monasteries appeared. Many fled into Moravia.

    AD 1284*URSINUS OF ETHIOPIA, an Ethiopian scholar, declared that baptism into the Name. Jesus Christ, alone was valid. This indicates that Philip's witness of the Eunuch years earlier was still working.

    A century of CATHOLIC MASS MURDER. The INQUISITION was set in motion. It was insanity, devised by insane minds at the Vatican. AUTO DE FEs (Act of Faith!)

    AD 1233 *The Catholic Inquisition. a system of Catholic Tribunal Courts. was officially founded by Pope Gregory IX It lasted until July 15. 1834. It's purpose was to punish the heretics and all persons guilty of any offense against Catholic orthodoxy. These Heretics should be deprived of the liberty of speech and that assemblies organized by heretics should be dissolved was the law. ("Ency. Britannica" 1950 Ed. Vol. 12, p. 377). The later part of the 10th century until the beginning of the 12th there were numerous executions of heretics, either by burning or strangling, in France, Italy, and the Empire of England. Remember that the heretics are the one God Apostolic organizations who would not accept the church of Rome.

    C.S. Lovett, "Voice In The Wilderness" p. 9 said, "68,000,000. persons perished in the INQUISITION!" Most do not know that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic, and 6.000.000 Jews also perished under him and that canon law was again used. Canon law or body of laws is laws established by a church. It is a basis for judgment. This is consider to be the most important part of the mass. I suggest those who are interested in learning more about this awful time of INQUISITION check the references I have listed

AD 1300-1400

    AD 1300-1350*Anabaptist organizations God) sprang up in many places.

    AD 1300-1414*Gothic Bibles had been used. English Bibles were used in the early 15th century. Catholics burned all the Bibles they could fine. (L. Boettner, p. 89).

    AD 1312-1315*Apostolics were all over Eastern Europe

    AD 1381 -1383*John Wycliffe, a professor in the University of Oxford, worked intensely to translate the English Bible. He preached against the countless atrocities of the Vatican. He stated that the Bible alone, without tradition, was the sole rule of faith. In AD 1415, the Council of Constance condemned Wycliffe. In 1428 Wycliffe's bones were burned by papal command. (A. Curtis, "Christ History" p. 1985, p. 24). History records indicate multiplied of Apostolics alive durning this century.

    AD 1303*Many histories describe the complete apostasy of the Vatican, it's popes as devils.

    AD 1391*JEWSMASSACREDINSPAIN-EUROPE. On March 15, bishop Ferran Martinez started the anti-Jewish riot in Spain. It led to the great SPANISH INQUISITION. 50,000 Jews and Moors were burned in Auto da Fes (Act of Faith), 800,000 more victimized. (Cecil Roth, pp. 14-25).

AD 1400-1500

    Most non-Catholics were still refereed to as ANABAPTIST. However, Anabaptist were neither Catholic or Protestant. This was pre-Reformation day. There were great numbers of Apostolic clergymen preaching Acts 2:38.

    AD 1420$Apostolic religion swept the land in spite of the Inquisition. It was estimated that there were 4,000,000 One God Christians during that period. Blunt wrote of them as "Streams of Heretics." (Blunt, p. 16). Bainton screamed, "They covered the land." (Bainton, p 279). There were more than 40 Jesus Name Organizations during this period

    The Roman Catholic Inquisition turned Europe into a holocaust. During this century billions of dollars and millions of acres of land were seized from Jews, Moors and Anabaptist.

    Papal permission for SLAVERY was given to Prince Henry the navigator. (Bernstien & Green, p. 302; Wm. Lnager, pp. 486-504). Henry's captains began the slave trade by taking African Blacks to Portugal. Columbus introduced Black and Indian slavery into the Americas, not American Southerners. Blame the Vatican for slavery. ("The Detroit News, Aug. 24,1970, Sec. A).

    AD 1460*Catholic Podebrad persecuted Apostolics. 400,000 pious Manichaeans (Acts 2 Christians) fled into Bosnia (Knox,  p. 81)

    AD 1469*FERDINAND and ISABELLA of Spain were married. They became the earth's greatest husband and wife team of Jew killers. After killing the Jews and confiscating their property they became very wealthy. (Lea, p. 333; C. Roth, pp. 71-90). Could this be the way they financed Columbus in 1492?

    AD 1496-1500*Malabarese, of Malabar, India, (Acts 2:38 Christians) were massacred by Catholic Inquisitor Alvares Cabral. (A.S. Atiya, p. 359).

AD 1500-1600

    This was unique century of religious history. Most think of Luther, Calvin and Zwingli as classical reformers. However they set the theological trend for the world's modern Protestant Trinity religions.

    AD 1517*0n October 31 Luther nailed his Theses on the Palace Church door. Now the world had not only Catholic Trinitarianism but it also had Protestant Trinitarianism! However, there were still a lot of One God Christians around.

    AD 1520-1532*GLOSSOLALIA OUTBREAK Apostolic Pentecostalism was all through Luther and Zwingli's Europe. (W. Horton, pp. 97-138).

    AD 1533*There were big organizations of Anti-Nicenes and Anti-Trinitarians. Some were classed as Salbellians. (G. H. Williams, p. 663).

    AD 1553*MICHAEL SERVETUS, a Spaniard, was the greatest influence of the Acts two message during the sixteenth and seventeenth century for all of Europe and Asia. He was put to death in Geneva for denying Rome's Trinity theory. Sevetus died in Jesus Name, and Calvin murdered him in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.(R. Bainton, p. 298). SERVETUS studied law. He later became medical doctor. He was also a preacher. He found problems with the Trinity theory. In fact he wrote a book, "On The Errors of The Trinity" that was published in Hagenow, near Strasbough in 1531. His book was wide spread before it could be censored. He had to change his name after writing his book. Under cover he had an assumed name he practiced medicine in Lyons. He corresponded with John Calvin. Calvins views were the same as Luthers. Calvin told the Catholics the location of Servetus and they had him arrested. Calvin encouraged the court to find him guilty of capitol crime. Servetus was sentenced to be burned at the stake. The charges were that he did not believe in the Trinity, nor infant baptism. (See: "After the Way called Heresy, by Thomas Weisser, pp. 70-74)

    AD 1501 *Catholics started slavery in the Americas.

    AD 1521*Luther rejected Biblical Pentecostalism! (Knox, "Enthusiasm", pp.134,135).

    AD 1531 * Luther agreed to the death penalty in order to annihilate Anabaptist bodies and Jews. (Bainton, p. 279; p. Lapide, "Three Popes and the Jews, p. 25) It appears that Luther was not as sincere about Bible truth as historians and some Christian groups indicate. For instance Mr. Luther fully discussed the Acts 2 message with the Apostolics all around him. He rejected it. (See: "Martin Luther, " by J. Dillengerger, p. 279; Knox, pp. 134-135).

    AD 1571 *Phillip II martyred about 3,000,000 non-Catholics in the Netherlands. (Thompson, p. 187).

AD 1600-1700

    Anabaptist groups continued to grow. Sabellianism was throughout Europe Many pious clergymen were prepared to lay aside doctrinal differences and become true Apostolic Moravian  Oneness. (G. H. Williams, pp. 656,698,670). It would be great if they could do that today!

    Frances Cornwell was one of the most educated Baptist in England during this period.   He obtained a Master of Arts degree from Emanuel College. He was also trained at Cambridge. He was a vicar with the Church of England. He said, "The Lord opened the eyes of my understandings about the Acts 2:38 message." ("Two Ouenes, p. 5) He wrote extensively and eloquently in defense of Biblical doctrines. Yet he is almost totally ignored by Baptist historians.

    AD 1662*English citizens, meaning Holy Ghost filled Quakers, were deported from England, and sold as salves to rich Spanish Catholic families on plantations in Barbados and Jamaica. These pious glossolalists were sold under the "Conventicle and Five Mile Act. (J.H. Blunt, p. 465,466).

    AD 1611 *The King James Bible was printed There were 47 scholars appointed as translators. They worked for 7 years on the translation.

    AD 1650-1670*Quietism outbreak, in which 60,000 ex-Catholics experienced Pentecostal glossolalia (speaking in tongues). (Knox, p. 243).

AD 1700-1800

    Acts two message continued to spread world wide. Holy Ghost revivals were breaking out all over.

    AD 1728-1731 *There were 600 recorded Miracles! (Knox, pp. 372-376). There was a 100 year prayer meeting started. (A. K Curtis, "Christ History' Vol. 2, No. 1, p. l 8) Knox wrote about England being a Pentecostal Babel.

    AD 1734*Rev. John Wesley and Charles Wesley, went to the Moravian Christians for doctrine. Both turned to Moravianism (One God Apostolics). They witnessed Pentecostalism among in Georgia. (Knox, pp. 466-469).

    AD 1772*A Holy Ghost outpouring was in Sweden.

    AD 1774*0n August 6, ANN LEE imported tongues speaking into the US and it spread. (E.D. Andrews,pp.15-19). William Penn brought tongues to America in 1677. (See: "After the Way Called Heresy by, Thomas Weisser)

    During this century the Catholics and Lutherans killed each other. AD 1733 Thousands of Catholics defected to the state of Georgia, USA And found Holy Ghost salvation. There were many healings and miracles. In 1762, the French government forbade miracles. There were uncountable miracles. (R.A. Knox, pp. 373-388).

    In 1774 John Wesley lost 400 Methodist to Acts 2 Moravians in London. (R.A. Knox, p. 476).

AD 1800-1900

    Why didn't we hear more about Apostolics during the 19th century, is a question often asked?  As you recall in this study we found that Waldo and Luther set the trend to compromise to Rome's Trinity Doctrine and ignore the Acts two doctrine. Then Protestant Trinitarian influence lured the greater numbers. Many Christian organizations turned to Trinity doctrine.

    In 1835, Lowell, Ohio, had a Acts 2:38 Church of Camisardds. (Rev. Joe Nelson, Ph.D., W.VA., had the records)

    In 1850 Dan Huntington. Boston, Mass. baptized converts according to Acts 2:38. (V. Synan, p. 163).
    In 1854 there was a 10 year long revival in Lebanon. NY and thousands became Spirit filled.  Same thing happened in Canada.

    In 1856 more than 160,000 tongues speakers in America. (Blunt, p. 467). Many other documented Holy Ghost groups were in America during this century.

    AD 1804*Napoleon fought the Vatican. He seized papal lands and restricted papal rule. He advocated, "Destroy Rome and the papacy. " (M. Martin, "The Decline & Fall of the Rom Ch." p. 236).
    July 15, 1834 the Catholic Inquisition ended. America was about 250 years old at that time. In the 601 years it is estimated that 68,000,000 persons were put to death by the Inquisition. (C. Roth, p.267; Berstein & Green, p. 237 as to dates). Bull fights had its origin after the Inquisition ended. The people had were used to watching brutal murder so bull fights were the next best thing.

    In 1861 the Civil War started and President Lincoln started to abolish human enslavement. The war ended in 1864. In 1900 there were 76,000,000 people in America.

AD 1900+
    In 1884-1904 Rev. Alvin E. Velie of Florida, used the Acts 2:38 message and saw thousands filled with the Holy Ghost.
    In 1901 the famed Topeka, Kansas outpouring of the Holy Ghost came. In 1906-1909 the Azusa street, in Los Angeles, outpouring filled many with the Holy Ghost. Many other outpourings happened during the early 1900 in America. One God organizations started to form. Today there are scores of Acts 2:38 Christian organizations in America and throughout the word. Jesus said, "...the gates of hell shall not prevailed against it."

    It is frightful to review history and see where thousands once worshiped the Lord in accordance with the Acts 2 message. They vanished. What happen to them? Did lack of unity between organizations destroy them.

    The word "Trinity" is not in the Bible, neither is the word "Oneness." These man fashioned words have driven a line of distrust and doubt between devoted souls. Most people, who are labeled "Trinitarian" believe in One God. I hope that all people, who call themselves "Oneness" believe in three manifestation of One God. With this understanding it is easy to show Bible truth to all who are sincere. Anabaptist doctrine is easy to teach today.

    History proves the Catholic Church was cruel during the past. However, today many of them are receiving the Acts 2 message. I visited St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York recently. I was shocked to find the lesson for that week, for all Catholics, was the recorded Acts 10 story about Cornelius. This Bible study quoted the account of Cornelius receiving the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues and Peter's command for them to baptized in the Name of Jesus. This is a far cry from the Catholics during Great Inquisition. New Testament truth is now being accepted and preached by many organizations that once denounced it. No, they are not coming our way, they are coming God's way. This is good news to the Christian. This is bad news to the legalist.

    What are we going to do with this wonderful message that millions died for? Are we going to keep it within our "holy huddle," or share it with the world. I am so pleased to see many New Testament Christians Organizations coming together to present Jesus and His plan, to the World. Some are still adding man made requirement to the salvation message. By this they separate themselves. It is time again for the pious clergymen to lay aside doctrinal differences and become true Apostolic as they did during the dark ages.

    It was interesting to learn that many sincere saints were put to death because they would not accept infant baptism as commanded in the Catholic Church. They believed that baptism was an act of faith identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Many were put to death because they elected to be re-baptized as adults. Many of these faithful believers were slaughter for being immersed in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost as well as in the name of Jesus Christ. The fact that they rejected infant baptism as commanded in the Catholic Church is what brought on the massacre. Please review historical records on this matter.

    This study was made possible by the millions who shed their blood for Bible truth. Many scholars did extensive research on this subject. I only assembled their efforts in a condensed package so it could be easily studied. I am especially grateful to Dr. Marvin M. Arnold, D.D., Th.D., and Rev. Thomas Weisser for all their research on this subject. Dr. Arnold wrote "Apostolic History Outline." Rev. Weisser wrote several books on the subject of Apostolic Christianity. Additional information can be found in libraries and via computer Encyclopedia programs under "heretics." This study undoubtedly will be a blessing to Acts 2 Christians!


Monarchianism, Christian heretical doctrine of the 2d and 3d centuries opposed to the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity; it strongly maintained the essential unity of the Deity and was intended to reinforce monotheism in Christianity. Monarchians were divided into~two~groups, the Adoptionists ( see Adoptionism), or Dynamic Monarchians, and the Patripassians, or Modalistic Monarchians. The Adoptionists taught that Christ, although of miraculous birth, was a mere man until his baptism when the Holy Spirit made him the Son of God by adoption. They did not recognize any divine relationship between the Father and Son other than by adoption. This doctrine was taught by Paul of Samosata (flourished 3d century), at one time bishop of Antioch. The Patripassians believed in the divinity of Christ, but regarded the Trinity as three manifestations, or modes, of a single divine being. They taught that the Father had come to earth and suffered and died under the appearance of the Son; hence their name (Latin peter; patris, "father"; passus "to suffer"). This doctrine was taught by the Roman Christian prelate Sabellius (flourished 3d century) and is thus sometimes referred to as Sabellianism.

"Monarchianism," Microsoft (R) Encarta. Copyright (c)' 1993 Microsoft Corporation. Copyright (c) 1993 Funk & Wagnall's Corporation.


Saint Bartholomew's Day, Massacre of, mass slaying of Huguenots (Protestants) in Paris, on St. Bartholomew's Day, August 24, 1572. In order to increase the royal power, the queen mother. Catheri ne de Medicis, attempted to play the French Roman Catholic faction, led by the against the Huguenot faction, led by the house of Guise, house of Conde. Jealous of the growing power of the Huguenot leader Gaspard de Coligny, adviser to her son, King Charles IX, Catherine ordered Coliguy's assassination. The plot failed, however, and a number of Huguenot leaders who were gathered in Paris for the wedding of Catherine's daughter to Henry of Navarre, later King Henry IV of France, demanded an investigation. Because an investigation would have implicated his mother, Charles was persuaded by the queen to order the murder of the Huguenot leaders. The number killed cannot be determined with any accuracy; estimates vary from 2000 to 100,000. Coligny was among the first to fall. The massacre spread from Paris to the provinces, causing new religious wars.

"Saint Bartholomew's Day, Massacre of," Microsoft (R) Encarta Copyright (c) 1993 Microsoft Corporation. Copyright (c) 1993 Funk & Wagnall's Corporation.