Apostolic Men Don’t Retreat

Apostolic Men Don’t Retreat!
By: Pastor Steve Rogers

Even with beards, the disciples all looked kinda …”soft” … (they used a different word). This was the overwhelming agreement of the small group of homeless men that I was talking with this morning. This was a result of the variety of pictures that, over time, we had seen. None of us could put our finger on exactly why … but this was the overall feeling that we all came away with.

I think it is very possible that in the minds of many men (with the exception, of course, of them that currently attend church) that religion. or church, is best left to the women.

This is as tragic as it is unprecedented in human history. It has always been the man that has led the church. However, in 2006, the Church of England reported that just over 50% of all newly ordained priests were woman.

Do you remember or do you know the stories of our of timers like C.P.
Kilgore, Finney, Haywood, and Urshan just to name a few? Both of my, grandfathers led their families to the Lord, as well as many others. Our faith and our church was built on the strong backs of hard praying  straight living –straight talking Apostolic Men.

Thank God for the brave men that left their homeland to find a new land. A land that offered religious freedom where they could raise their families. Hardship, was overlooked at the prospect of being able to worship God to a way that matched their convictions. But it was a move that was pushed forward by men consumed with the Adventure of Spiritual matters.

Jesus came and offered to make us Fishers of Men, yet most churches have nets that capture more woman than they do men … (maybe not yours, of course).

This does not match the Apostolic model. We must equip ourselves to turn this tide around. For us to truly SOAR … for us in Wisconsin to truly have a GLOBAL IMPACT we must aggressively attack any and every mind set that detracts from the powerful image of Jesus Christ. He is the chief role model and the epitome of man-hood.

Jesus had a following of men and women – but his focus was on the twelve men.(a little politically incorrect, but take it up with Jesus, not me) If youlook at His men, they weren’t twelve limp-wristed, timid, little mealy-mouthed sissified half men. They were sometimes, more uncouth; self involved, argumentative, a bit bossy, disregarding of children, you know … Men.

Suave and savvy; smartly dressed? Not Peter, but maybe Judas. I think Peter, if he could’ve managed a radio, might’ve listened to the Packer game while he was out there fishing in the buff. I just see him as more of a football guy than a golfer.

These guys were men they were real men. I dare say they were the image of ‘Apostolic Men … even though the more educated of their society made fun of their lack of education. These are the kind of guys that Jesus Picked to turn the world upside down they were MEN … they were Apostolic men.

This is what our world needs. Our world, our cities, churches and homes, wives and children … they need some strong Apostolic men, men that will take a stand; unafraid of making a mistake, free to be men. Men that are bold enough to heed the call, lead the way, and live for God!

To further this great quest, Wisconsin will not be having a retreat in 2008, because real men don’t retreat, they advance. They stand their ground and fight in order to do what men were created for. We will band together so that we can fight until we are able to advance.

In 2008, we are going to MEN’S CAMP, and from there we will “move forward.” Move Forward is our term for men’s retreat in Wisconsin. While other men may have initiative and attend retreats, our Apostolic men., the Apostolic men of the great district of Wisconsin, will take our queue from the God-inspired preaching and teaching of Bro. Mike Williams, and we WILL PRESS FORWARD.

Men, get ready for Move Forward – Men’s Camp 2008

“Revival” is already here, and our great men are going to pick it up and carry it forward; forward to places that it has never been before. Get ready for a powerful camp.

This article “Apostolic Men Don’t Retreat!” written by Pastor Steve Rogers is excerpted from the Wisconsin District News Jan. 08.