Apostolic Ministry – A Ministry for Musicians (Newsletter 4-7)

A Ministry for Musicians

A dream began in the heart and mind of Bro. Jeromy Hoffee several years ago as he traveled and worked with church music programs across the country. “It became clear to me that the UPCI needed a music division to offer support for music directors, musicians, singers and all those involved in music ministry,” said Bro. Hoffee. His vision took flight when he shared his ideas with UPCI General Superintendent David Bernard. In November of 2015, with approval and support from the general board, the first phase of the UPCI Music Ministry was launched.

According to Bro. Hoffee, “This resource offers Apostolic content and training for those desiring to grow in their personal musicianship as well as to help strengthen a local church music ministry. Our first phase of the ministry offers monthly online memberships providing training as well as new songs and choruses for members. Training videos on different instruments, as well as sound, media, voice and theory, provide a well-rounded tool for anyone involved in a church music program. In regard to skill levels, each instrument category is broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced level videos, where everyone can benefit.” Also, with the introduction of new songs, “Each song comes with chord charts, vocals, a rhythm chart, easy read vocals, and a number chart as well as drum loop.”

He shared, “Aside from the technical aspects of music ministry, we also offer monthly articles as well as a newsletter, written by Apostolic directors, to give insight and perspective on music-related topics. We are also in the process of developing an app to help churches with a limited number of musicians. This app will equip you to have live music for your services and/or advance your current music climate. Along with the new app, we have plans to establish district music coordinators to help streamline music on the district level. This will also provide more community and a connection with all those involved in music ministry. In addition, we are working toward offering certification for musicians and directors wanting to further their education and perfect their skills.

“We want to provide an outlet for everyone in the creative arts to help develop their ministry. We desire for new people to get involved and help with writing, teaching and providing monthly content.” If you would like more information in regard to monthly memberships or becoming a contributor please email jhoffee@.upci.org or visit www.upcimusic.com. Sign up today and begin receiving this monthly content as a member of the UPCI Music Ministry. The basic plan starts at $20/month and the premium membership is $30/month.

Bro. Jeromy Hoffee and his wife, Barbie, serve as Music Directors at The Sanctuary in St. Louis, Mo., under the leadership of Pastor Tim Dugas and Pastor Scott Graham. Bro. Hoffee served as Director of Music at Gateway College of Evangelism from 1999-2009, and founded the J. Oscar School of Music, a private teaching studio in St. Louis. Bro. Hoffee currently serves as director of the new Music Ministry of the UPCI.