Appeal to Sunday School Leadership

Appeal to Sunday School Leadership
Don Ridge


Many are new to Sunday School work. However, whether you are new to the work or have many years of experience, it is always good to refresh your memory concerning the various responsibilities involved in the two key Sunday School positions.

The Superintendent’s Responsibility

The Superintendent’s job in the Sunday School is not just to open and close the Sunday School with a few words each Sunday morning.

The Sunday School Superintendent’s Responsibilities include:
1. The general oversight of the entire local Sunday School program.

2. Realistically evaluating, inspiring, improving, and guiding the Sunday School in reaching out to new people.

3. Be aware of and work toward improving what is seen as the current need/needs of the school: worker training, Sunday School organization, outreach, evangelism, and edification.

4. The Sunday School superintendent is essential in leading the Sunday School to become active in the performance of the Great Commission.

5. The superintendent must take the lead in charting the course or direction of the Sunday School team through annual, monthly, and weekly planning sessions.

6. The superintendent must become the Sunday School’s primary promoter of training. Make training a priority. Encourage every God called teacher to become a certified teacher.

7. The superintendent must seek to provide the appropriate size and age groupings for each class.

8. Superintendents must share their passion and vision of the Sunday School Ministry by clearly communicating the purpose of the Sunday School and keeping it before the people at all times.

9. Maintain and use Sunday School records to monitor and find ways to improve the school.

10. Evaluate the work of the Sunday School.

11. Regularly report to the church on the progress of the Sunday School.

The Teacher’s Responsibilities:

The Sunday School teacher’s responsibilities include:

1. First and foremost every teacher must be a good Christian example.

2. Teachers must be faithful in every aspect of the Christian faith.

3. Teachers must continually strive to improve their understanding of the Word and their ability to communicate the gospel message effectively.

4. Teachers must love their students and continually encourage them to become students of the Word themselves.

5. The teacher must engage in adequate preparation of the weekly lesson.

6. The teacher must inspire and guide their class in reaching out to new people within the community.

7. The teacher must always present the lesson with the objective of winning the lost and equipping the saints.

8. The teacher should always seek to inspire the students to invite and encourage those they are acquainted with to join the class.

9. The teacher should continually evaluate their teaching efforts.

10. If you feel that God has called you to teach, please speak with your pastor who will guide you through the process of becoming a certified Sunday School teacher.

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