Ask the Editor – Modest Apparel

Ask the Editor – Modest Apparel

Question: Why do the women of the United Pentecostal Church wear dresses and not pants or slacks?

Answer: There are at least two basic reasons: 1) to be modest; and, 2) to show the separation of the sexes shamefaced or bashfulness towards men as in I Tim. 2:9. (It’s not because we have stock in hose companies!)

God, in the beginning, made them male and female for more than just procreation. The man is to be the head of the family. Nature teaches us there’s a difference. Just watch what boys and girls play with in toys and games.

Modest apparel means a modest garment – Greek katastole “garment past the knee”. Women should wear a dress or skirt past the knee. The dress is the outward sign (silhouette) that one is a woman. A snowmobile suit may be “modest”, but one cannot tell the difference between the sexes from a distance. Pentecostal women have invented winter jumpers that look nice on the ski hill, etc. A woman must also be feminine in her actions. A man should not act prissy like a woman, even if he has the tendencies. Not all jobs that a woman can do should be done by her and the same goes for men. For example – some jobs require a woman to wear pants for safety. These should be done by a man. God will supply her with a different job as she submits and trusts God.

One excuse for women to wear pants is that some are made for women and thus do not “Pertain to men”, (Deut. 22:5). If men preached in kilts what would you think-they’re made for men! When women play sports they should wear something under their -skirt for warmth and/or modesty if the wind, etc. catches the skirt.

God made us male and female not unisex. Even McDonalds restaurant bathroom symbols use a dress to say, “Women”!
“Fashion fadeth away.
“Love not the world …!”

The Above Material Was Published In The July 1995 Issue Of The Minnesota Messenger. This Material Has Been Copyrighted And May Be Used For Research And Study Purposes Only.