Be Still and Know That You’re Not God (Newsletter 4-11)

Be Still and Know That You’re Not God
Jennifer Rothschild

What would happen if you just got still? Would the world as you know it fall apart? Would you?

Sometimes we stay busy to outrun our fear of failure or keep us distracted from thinking.

Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed by sorrow or stress, we just long to fix something, clean something … you know, do something!

Sometimes we just do and do and do because we aren’t quite sure how to simply be.

Sometimes we just do and do and do because we aren’t sure how to simply be.

Now, I don’t mean getting still like striking a wax museum pose. And, I don’t mean getting still like shirking responsibility and quitting your job just to sit on the couch.

I mean getting still … in your soul, in your spirit. Creating a place in your soul to be still and know He is God—the in-control God.

What if you really could “be still and know He is God?”

My friend, you can and you need to. I sure did.

I learned during a hard bout of depression that when I really got still, I began to know that “He is God.” He really is God.

If you are in a season of depression like I was and need extra comfort, I pray this post encourages your heart.

More importantly, I’m not supposed to be God, and neither are you.

When we are still, we remember He is God over our problems and God over our pain.

He is God over my problems and God over my pain. He is bigger than any mountain I face and stronger than any power I possess.

When I got still and learned that He is God, it freed me up from fixing and doing and let me be … just be.

I will show you what I mean. I invite you in to sneak a peek of my journal from that long, dark year of depression.

Journal Entry: September 3, 2010

It’s almost time for Connor to get home from school. I have just rested for an hour. I don’t even know why. I don’t even feel tired. But, I feel overwhelmed by the vacuum I am living in at the moment. I lied there and asked the Lord, “What should I do? I don’t know what else to do. I am totally powerless, paralyzed and overwhelmed.”

I know He just impressed me—I know I heard His voice echo in my heart. He said, “You should not do, you should be … be still and know that I am God.”

Just be.

I guess resting is being. I guess walking through this season with open hands to receive is just being, not doing.

As I walk through this valley, I can be still. The Scripture doesn’t tell me to be a fixer and know He is God. It doesn’t tell me that I should do something so I will know He is God. He is reassuring me that I should simply be still … not run, fix and do. I won’t focus on doing, I will focus on being.

God wants to meet you in your stress or sorrow, so slow down and be still and know He is God.

Even when I do have things I need to do, Lord, help me still to just be. Be still in You, rest in You, and know you are God. You are in charge. I can just be and You will do all the doing that needs to be done in and through me. Thank you, Lord.

So, my friend, perhaps today you just need to take a deep breath and be still so you know that you are not God … He is.

He wants to meet you in your stress or sorrow, so slow down and be still and know He is God. Stop trying to “do” and just “be.”

Be still.

What things do you need to disconnect from in order to reconnect with God and be still?

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