Be Strong And Show Thyself A Man

Be Strong And Show Thyself A Man
By Bro. Vaughn Morton

Text I Kings 2: 1-2. To have mighty churches, and this is what that is all about, progress, strength and renewal; to have mighty churches we must have mighty men. The Bible says in Ephesians 2:20, that we are built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Notice that that scripture said that we are built upon the Apostles and the Prophets.  The Apostles were men the Prophets were men, and then it is Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. God became a man, Apostles- men, Prophets- men, Jesus Christ became a man. Do you see that the church was built up on men?

II Samuel 8:3 says these be the names of the mighty men that David had. The Bible says these be the mighty men. Mighty means powerful . These are the powerful men David had. It means warriors.  These are the warriors that David had. It means champions. These are the champions that David had. It means strong. These are the strong men that David had. It also means able. These are the able men that David had. It also means capable. These are the capable men that David had. And then it also means extraordinary. These are the powerful, the warriors, the champions, the capable, the able, the mighty men that David had. Let me tell you something to build the kind of churches we need in this end time it’s going to take strong men. It’s going to take some mighty men. I want you men to listen to me tonight.

When I get through with you tonight I want you to be to the place that you’re going to go home
and show that place I’m a man. I’m going to be the best man that my Pastor has ever pastured. I’m going
to be the best man that has ever been in my local church.. Let me say this, that Jesus Christ, he loved men. In the book of Matthew 11:7, it says this, and as they departed Jesus began to say unto the
multitudes concerning John, Jesus loved men like John the Baptist. He loved real men like John the
Baptist. If you’re going to be real be a real man of God. And let me say this tonight, and to clear your
mind, I am not going to spend time tonight preaching about do-dads, or homosexuals. I am not going to
spend time talking about sissy men. I am going to spend time talking tonight about the kind of man that
you ought to be in your local church. And I want to tell you there is a real revelation to be had tonight.
And I want you as we preach the word of God to ask God, God give me a revelation of what I need to be
in my local church. You have a revelation of the oneness of God. You have a revelation of Jesus name
baptism. You have a revelation of the New Birth, you have a revelation of church doctrine and so forth
and so on. But I’m asking God tonight to give us a revelation of what it is like to be a real man in the

I’m here to tell you tonight that with this many men that we have here tonight that all of you are
not the men that you ought to be. In fact right now as I go into this message some of you are already trying to turn me off. Because you don’t want to be what your preacher has been preaching you ought to be. It’s
time that you prayed through; it’s time that you got a new touch of God in your heart, in your life, in your
soul. And became the man that God wants you to become.

It said concerning John what went ye out into the wilderness to see? Jesus said a reed shaken
with the wind. But what were out for to see? A man clothed in soft t raiment? Did you go out to see
something like a reed shaking in the wind? Did you go out to see a man clothed in soft raiment? He said
behold they that wear soft clothing are in kings houses, but what were out to see a prophet? It said ye I
said unto you more than a prophet for this is he of whom it is written, behold I send a messenger before
thy face which shall prepare thy way before thee. Verily I say unto you among them that are born of
woman but has not risen up a greater than John the Baptist. You can see what Jesus thought of John the
Baptist. And you can read in the scripture and you can find out what a man what a strong, powerful,
capable, extraordinary man that John the Baptist was. He did show himself strong and show himself a
man. Said not withstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. And from the
days of John the Baptist until the kingdom of Heaven, suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.
And the violent take it by force. So when you think about a man think about John the Baptist. Think
about what a real, strong, capable, extraordinary, powerful man that he was. We ought to get excited
about wanting to be a real man in the kingdom of God.

The Bible says in Titus 1:8, it said a lover of good men. I’m telling you there is nothing like
good men. I think about the men in the church that I pastor, and I look at some of those men, I tell you
there is times that I lay on the floor and I cry and I weep, and I thank God for those men. There is
nothing that touches me any more than a strong man in the Kingdom of God, and in the church of the
living God. And I’m not just talking about a tall, burly, strong-muscled, man. I have some men in my
church that’s skinny, scrawny, weakling looking. When it comes to the kingdom of God, when it comes
to the things of God, when it comes to the powerful, forcible, capable, and a Christian, and prayerful and
spiritual, and a backer of the church and the pastor. Brother, there ain�t nobody that can beat them back!
And push them down. And beat them down. We need to be a lover of good

I John 2:14 says I have written unto you, young men because you are strong and the word of God
abideth in you, and you have overcome the wicked one. I want to tell you something else I believe the
women of Pentecost are great and wonderful, and I can say many wonderful things about women of
Pentecost. But I haven’t got time to preach about the men and the women, in the same night. But I want
to say this I believe that the women in Pentecost would like to take a back seat and say will the men please
step up and be the leaders of this church, will the men please rise up and become the leaders of the home,
will the men please take positions in this church, will the men please be the examples in prayer and
fasting and in witnessing, and around the altar. I’m telling you the heart of the women is crying out to the
men to take the leadership. I realize that we’re living in the age of the women’s lib, and I realize how that
women want equal rights, but in Pentecost real women are saying we want the men to be the men, we
want the men to be the leaders, we want the men to be the example in the home and in the church! And
the reason we have so many woman in leadership positions it is because men will not be men. And I’m
not talking about going home and start pushing your wife around, that shows how weak you are. That
shows how frail you are! Why don’t you go home men and start pushing the devil around?! Why don’t
you start praying and seeking God?!

It is hard for me to bear with a man that doesn’t relate to strength. And I realize that and the
Crawfords and I realize that there’s a lot said about love, I want to tell you I’m preaching this message
tonight in love. I really am, but it’s hard for me to bear with a man that does not relate to strength.
That’s right. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:10, it said finally my brethren, brethren are men. It said my
brethren be strong, be strong. That’s not talking about going up and lifting weights. It says be strong in
the Lord and in the power of his might! I’m telling you I was raised in a home where my dad was, you
talk about a man, he was a man. My dad does not live for God, he has never lived for God, but I’m telling
you he raised youngins right. And I respect my dad to this day and he is seventy some years old. And I’m
telling you he was a man that got up early every morning and went to work everyday and made his family
a living; and we didn’t always have the best in life, but he’d done the best that he could. And I’m telling
you what, he taught me to be a man. I don’t know what kind I am, but I know one thing he put some
things in me that if he hadn’t put it in me, I couldn’t be what I am today. I never would have made it in
life if my dad hadn’t put some manly manners into me. I’m telling you what men, we need to be
examples for our sons, and our daughters and our wives! That’s right. And for the church. And when it
comes to worship we ought to be in there ahead of the women!! When it comes to the prayer room we
ought to be the first ones in there! Let’s be the kind of men that says, family, we’re going to the prayer
room, we’re going to church early!

In the book of Exodus 18, it says this in verse 21, more over, it’s talking about Moses, thou shall
provide out of all the people, God, able men, Moses you go out and choose able men such as fear God,
men of truth. We need some able men. In verse 25, it says this, and Moses chose able men. I’m telling
you what, when your pastor gets up to choose something are you the kind of man that he says in his heart
I’d rather do it myself, than to ask one of them. I’m telling you that some of you men are dead heads.
You’re dead pans, you’re lazy. That’s right you’re rotten to the core. You may be baptized in Jesus
Name, maybe you got the Holy Ghost at one time, but when it comes to being a man in the church, and an
example, and being in the forefront, you don’t have it and you know you don’t have it. You need to get
man enough tonight that you can start up to that place I’ll show that preacher. I’ll be the kind of man that
I’m supposed to be.

In the book of Numbers 11:17, the Lord is saying I’ll come down, and talk with thee there. I will
take of the spirit, I will take of the spirit which is upon thee and put it upon them. That’s what he said,
the Lord said I’ll take the spirit that’s upon Moses, and I’m going to put it upon them. I’m telling you
that every man of every church that is represented here tonight, you need to take up the spirit of your
pastor. That’s right, that’s right! And I’m going to tell you something it is a compliment to be able to tell
whose church you are from. These young preachers should take on the spirit of us. You men ought to
take on the spirit of the pastor! God wants to put the spirit of the
pastor on you.

In the book of Acts 6:3, it said wherefore brethren look you out among you for seven men. We
need some men. That’s what the apostles were saying, we need some men. It said of honest report.
Honest men full of the Holy Ghost and of wisdom whom we may appoint over this business. God is
looking for some honest men. He’s looking for some men of good report. He’s looking for some men of
wisdom. He’s looking for some men that are full of the Holy Ghost. In Galatians 2:9 it says, James and
Cephus and John who seem to be pillars. This scripture called these men pillars, not pillows. We got too
many pillows. But he called them pillars. And the word pillar means support, it means strength. And
then I found another meaning for that word, it said a firm, upright support for a super structure. We don’t
go for super stars and super this, and super that, but I’m telling you we need some mighty churches. And
don’t misinterpret this but we need some super structures. We need some big, large Jesus Name,
Apostolic, churches! But we can’t have those kind of churches until men say I’m going to be a pillar. I’m
going to be a support. I’ll hold this thing up!

Let me tell you, real men give strength to the church and the pastor. It the book of Exodus and
chapter 17, it says Moses said unto Joshua. He said Joshua, choose us out some men. Choose us out some
men and go out and fight tomorrow, and I’ll go out and stand on top of the hill with the rod of God in my
hand, and you know the story. How that Aaron and Hur went up with Moses up on top of the hill, and the
Bible said that Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands. One on one side and one on the other side. Are you
close enough to your pastor to hold his hands up in time of need and prayer? And as long as they held his
hands up. Some of you are dead weight! Come on get the hands of the man of God up!! Don’t be a dead
weight. The apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 11:1 ye are followers of me even as I am of Christ. Real
men follow the pastor as he follows Christ. You know your Pastor’s doctrine is long-suffering, is purpose.
Oh God give us men that know how to follow! Give us men that know how to pray. Give us men that
know how to fast. Give us men that know how to worship. Give us men that know how to love the Bible.
Give us men that love Holiness. Give us men that love the church. Give us men that tithe. Give us men
that love their pastor. You men that’s not paying your tithes, you’re not worth your salt! If you’re behind
on your tithes you need to go home and catch up. And I don’t mean just drop them in the plate, but take
them personally to the pastor! And pastor here’s my tithes and you can count on me from now on! In
every phase of the work of God!

In Lamentations 3:27 every man should learn to bear their yoke at a young age. It is good for a
man to learn to bear his yoke in his youth. How you men grow up to be men is you young men in your
youth be strong in God. Love the man of God! Get with the man of God. Hang around the man of God all you can. Love the prayer room. Love worship. Love the altar.
Love the work of God. Be faithful. Be a good man.

In the book of Titus 2, thou therefore my son be strong. Be strong in the grace that is in Christ
Jesus. It said and the things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to
faithful men. It said thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier. It said be strong. It said be faithful
men. It said be a good soldier. It was said of George Patton’s 3rd Army that they went further and faster
than any other Army in the history of war. And the main reason for their success was that they were well
trained, brave devoted men. And it couldn’t be the reason you’re church isn’t moving any faster and any
stronger than it is, and not doing any better than it is, it’s a man problem. Real men need to have a deep
commitment. The pastor should never have to worry about you. Don’t worry about me pastor I’m going
to be all right. If you’re pastor stands up and says we’re going to build, you stand up and say, well I don’t
know about that, no! No. You need to stand up and say we’re going to build! Live what you’re pastor
preaches! If you’re pastor takes a stand in your church against something you take a stand. But you don’t
understand, you stand until you do understand. And if you don’t understand, stand anyway. Follow him
as he follows God. Hey there’s some things that he don’t even understand, he just follows the spirit of
God. But as long as it agrees with the word of God and the spirit of God, follow that man! I don’t have
time to explain all this and clarify all this you’ll just have to trust tonight.

If your pastor stands up and says we’re not going to be doing this around here anymore. And I’m
going to tell you any pastor that’s around that is worth his salt has got to get up and say we’re not going to
have this around here. Then you need to go home with your family and say we’re not going to have this
around here. But daddy we’ve done it up to now, but we’re not going to do it anymore. The man of God
said we’re not going to do it. I’m going to show myself a man around this house. When something’s
going on around the church and you know about it, don’t say man I’m afraid to tell, you just go back and
say I’m going back to the man of God. I’m going to tell. You know there’s some men in the church that
say ah he tells everything, you don’t want to talk around so and so, he’s close to the pastor, that’s the kind
of man God wants! But once you tell the pastor, leave it with the pastor and don’t worry about it. You’re
pastor might have to come to you and say hey you’re not called to preach. If you’re not called to preach
I’m not signing your application. You hear me?! I don’t care how many kids you got! Hey pastors let’s
be men let’s show these men how to be men.

I Corinthians 12:28 says God set some in the church. First Apostles, that’s men. Secondly
prophets, that’s men. Thirdly, teachers, that’s men. After that miracle, then gifts of healing and helps of
government. He said some helps in the church. And that word help means support. It means to aid, to
assist, to relieve. Men be a pillar; be a support; be an aid. Don’t worry about it pastor I can take care of
it. You want to be blessed? You want your youngins blessed? You want your family blessed? You want
you’re church blessed? Let men find their rightful place in the church and there’s no stopping a church.
Some 15 years ago when I came to Fresno I talked to the church board and a church board here is not like
a church board forever. But I’m telling you if you are a pastor here tonight and there’s a church board
that’s got pressure on you it’s time to crack the board. And when I came here I met with the church board
and one brother spoke up. And he said Brother Morton, we just have a few questions to ask you. And he
said if you become our pastor we’ll never ask you another question, we’ll listen. And that’s the way it’s
been for fifteen years. You say why I just can’t take that; well then you’re just not the right kind. It’s
time that we just got down to the nitty gritty, it’s time that the pastor is the pastor! And the men are the men. And the women are the women. And the young people are the young people. And the children are the children. And that the church rolls on.

I’m going to tell you just this week I called a man of our church in and I said I want to talk to you
about your attitude. And as I started, he said you’re right, you’re right. That’s the right kind of man. He
didn’t blow up. He said God’s been dealing with me about that, you’re right. He said don’t worry about it. Some folks you deal with you got to dance around it for a little
while. It’s time to quit dancing around it, it’s time to hit it head on. The Bible says open rebuke is better
than secret love. I’m telling you real men want a pastor to stand up and be a real pastor and tell it like it is. This brother wants me to preach about dealing with kids if he’s you’re pastor you probably think he’s talking about your kids but he
doesn’t care because he loves those kids more than you do. That’s right! He’ll deal with them. We need
to do like what Brother Bill White said we need to take the battering ram and knock the gate down! The
cry of the men or the cry of the women or the young people of the church is give us daddies. Give us a
real preacher, give us real strength.

We need men who cannot be bought. We need men whose word is their bond. We need men
who value character above wealth. We need men who possess opinions and wills. We need men who do
not hesitate to take a stand for right. We need men who will make no compromise with wrong. We need
men who will not lose their individuality in a crowd. We need men who will be as honest in small things
as in great things. We need that won’t do it because they say every one else is doing it. We need men
whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires. We need men who give 36 inches to the
yard and 32 quarts to the bushel. We need men who have not one brand of honesty in business and
another in their private life. We need men who are true to their friends through good report and evil
report. An adversary as well as in prosperity. We need men who are not afraid or ashamed to stand for
truth when its unpopular. Who can say no with emphasis all though every one around them is saying
yes. God is saying give me some men. Give me some men. Give me some men!

The song says give me some men who are stout hearted men who will fight for the right they
adore. Start with me 10 who are stout hearted men, and I’ll soon give you 10,000 more. Shoulder to
shoulder and bolder and bolder they grow as they go to meet the foe. There’s nothing in the world that
can halt my plan when stout hearted men can stick together, man to man. Some time back I had a couple
of men in my office one man sat up on the edge of his seat, he said Bro. Morton you can rebuke me, you
can say anything to me you want to, but he said I’m going to tell you something, I’m rooted right here.
And whatever you say goes. You can’t run me off. I’m telling you my life is here, my family’s here and
I’m here to stay and I will not be moved. And you know what he’s still with me. He will not be moved.
I’m telling ya God is saying give me some men. Give me some men. Be strong therefore and show
yourself a man!

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