Bits of Advice


Though I have all the Elmer’s Glue and scissors, and have not love, I am not a teacher. And though I have all the construction paper, glitter, Bible posters, puzzles and unit activities, and have been in a special planning session, and have not love, I am not a teacher. For being a teacher is more
than being on time, present, Bible brought, and lesson prepared. It’s even more than faithfully attending the worship services.

A teacher looks his best and is not easily provoked when something is wrong with the heating or cooling system. A teacher is not envious, not for his/her name to be praised, but works for the glory of God.

They bear the problems, believe and hope for the best of all the children they teach, for a teacher’s work is in vain unless he/she has a deep love in the children.

Where there may be magic markers, they shall dry up. Where there shall be chalk and blackboards, they shall crumble. Where there shall be printed material, it shall fade.

But a right relationship to God will endure forever as it is shared in the lives of your children.

All work is a result of His love. And now abideth planning, preparation, and love – these three, but the greatest of these is love. For without God’s love, all work is for naught.

(The original source of the above material is unknown.)

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