Born Without Ears

Born Without Ears
By Shirley Dillion

A pastor received a frantic call from a new father. This father explained that he wanted their pastor to be present when the mother came out from under the anesthetic and would be told she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy … healthy in every way, except the newborn had no ears!

When the pastor arrived, he joined the nervous first-time father and the doctor as they entered the room where the mother was recovering from an extremely difficult birth. The doctor explained that the baby had auditory openings and all the inner ear parts necessary to receive sounds but no fleshly part outside that we call the “ear.” The doctor assured the parents that the problem could easily be corrected when the child’s growth was completed and a matching donor was found.

School was a tough experience for this little guy. Many times he would come home crying, “I’m a freak! I’m nothing but a freak!” He was well aware of the stares, whispers, taunts and nicknames given to him by the other kids. Junior high was the worst of his growing up experiences but the young man began to adapt and live with his disfigurement. To cover it up he let his hair grow long and wore stocking caps. However, he also became an excellent student with plans to study geology.

One spring day, when he was a college sophomore, his father phoned with this news: “Well, Son, we’ve finally found an ear donor for you. The operation will take place this summer.”

The operation was a rousing success. This young man was very happy as he returned to college in the fall. His new ears were beautiful and life took on new meanings for him. Even his social life with the girls improved.

He graduated with honors and, justifiably, his parents were proud of him as he left to take a job in the Midwest. Life was great. Then a call came from his father, “Son, your mother has had a heart attack. Please come right home, on the next flight. ”

He arrived as quickly as he could make arrangements, only to learn that his mother had passed away before his arrival. Two days later, at the funeral home, his father walked with him to the casket where she lay. They talked about what a wonderful mother she had been. As they stood together looking down at her … the father reached down and gently pushed back the mother’s hair-do to reveal a well kept secret. His mother didn’t have any ears. She had given them so he could become whole!

Love: The love of God is greater even than this mother’s love. God gave us more than ears He gave his only Son. John 3:16

From, “Apostolic Accent-Pentecostal Seminars”/Page 10, by David Reynolds

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