Bringing Men to Jesus: A Home Bible Study To Win Men

Bringing Men to Jesus: A Home Bible Study To Win Men
By Charlotte L Pound

Who is God? How do I find Him? These are truly relevant questions that men and women are asking in today’s world. The Bible study, Bringing Men to Jesus, says what should be said to bring a candidate to a basic understanding of who God is and how to receive Bible-based salvation, according to author Sterling Busby. He recently developed a new and exciting home Bible study that was designed to answer those important questions and specifically is designed to win men to Christ.

Bro. Busby is an ordained UPCI minister. He and his wife, Diane, have evangelized full-time, and also pioneered and pastored a church in South Carolina. Bro. Busby has experience in winning many souls through home Bible study programs. He currently serves as Outreach Minister in Southaven, Mississippi under Pastor James Sandy.

The Bringing Men to Jesus home Bible study has five easy lessons, and has been a dream of Bro. Busby’s for many years. His experience in teaching and listening to pastors and soul winners express the need for an easier, more direct study resulted in its development. “My desire was for a concise and to-the-point Bible study; a study with all the essentials, yet uncomplicated enough for those just getting started in soul winning,” he said.

The study has only been available for a few months, yet it is proving to be a successful and effective outreach tool. “At a motel in Jackson, Mississippi, the desk clerk saw the cover page and enquired about the study,” Bro. Busby said. “I was able to teach him and his wife an hour study that same night.”

“One of the best ways to get a home Bible study is to simply follow up on church guests. One of our church teachers began teaching a first-time guest couple and, as a result, both have received the Holy Ghost and been baptized. Another man we’ve been teaching has also received the Holy Ghost. Just last Sunday afternoon I taught the first lesson to about 70 inmates at our jail service. It was well received with a lot of excitement.”

The Bringing Men to Jesus home Bible study is different in that it focuses on vital concepts rather than the usual method of exhaustive detail. The five-lesson format begins by establishing who God is and builds faith in His attributes and nature. A brief overview of Old Testament concepts (the origin of sin, blood sacrifice, correlation of tabernacle plan) is used to give foundation to New Testament truths. Emphasis is placed on the “incarnation” and “dual nature” of Jesus.

“With strong and colorful graphics that grab attention, various ministers have found it to be a powerful study. Many have called to say they’re very excited about the study and are teaching it to their whole congregations,” Bro. Busby said.

The Bible study consists of a 12″ x 18″ chart with 28 beautiful, full-color graphic illustrations. A concise 80-page manual guides the teacher in presenting each lesson in a 45 minute to one hour time frame. There is also a CD with a Power Point presentation.

For more information, or to view the study and place an order, please visit the web site: Bro. Busby can be reached at 662-230-7008 or 662-349-3478.
He is also available to teach HBS seminars under the direction of Pastor James Sandy.

From: IBC Perspectives magazine. October 2009