Bubba Don’t Wear No Shoes

Bubba Don’t Wear No Shoes

There’s a story from the hills up in Tennessee where there ain’t no roads and no tv’s. Ain’t no phones or ‘lectricity and you gotta walk the path to be set free… way up in the hills of Tennessee.

Well, deep in the hills of Tennessee was a man named Bubba born in ’33. The biggest sort of fella that you ever did see with the biggest pair of feet that there ever could be. And, ‘ole bubba’s feet could bring tears to a skunk.. to just put it mildly… Bubba’s feet stunk!

On the other side of the mountain folks were a gatherin’ at the first self-righteous church of the brethren. The rich and the poor and those in between.. just about that day could be seen and everyone’s all excited, but there’s a few lookin’ nervous.. cause tonight’s the night for the annual foot washin’ service. (By far their most social event of the season and you’d better not miss without a powerful good reason.)

The preacher He prays and gives the high sign for folks to start pairin’ off for foot washin’ time. There’s girls washin’ cats and boys washin’ dogs and even one old man who’s washing his hog! But mostly it’s people with people cause this is the day for folks to put their humility on display!

Everybody’s with somebody ‘cept for one in the crowd… Miss Penelope Longstreet, who’s quite proper and proud. Now Miss Penelope came with her bucket in hand, but kind of stayed in the backround when all the washin’ began. But this was diff’rent as she stood back near the rear, ‘cause this year ‘ole bubba was makin’ plans to appear!

By the time he arived the folks done begun soapin’ and scrubbin’ and havin’ fott washin’ fun. That is… ev’ryone, ‘cept Penelope Longstreet, who just about died on the spot when she saw ‘ole Bubba’s big feet. Then Bubba he smiled with a ragged—tooth grin and said, “I reckon it’s ‘bout time for me and you to begin!” Ev’rything stopped. Ev’ry eye in the place was fixed on Miss Penelope and the look on her face! Then she bolted and twisted, hem-hawed and bucked, gave a society snoot and ran out in disgust!

Ev’ryone looked as ‘ole bubba just stood there. Tryin’ hard to keep smilin’ as he fought back a sad tear. And what was said next made us all feel ashamed as Bubba announced to all why he came. “I didn’t come here tonight, to the house of the Lord, to have my feet washed, but I came to wash yours. And ever since I was young I was taught to believe that it’s always more blessed to give than receive.

Now, ev’ry year at the annual foot washin’ service, folks are reminded this event has a purpose. They’re told about Bubba and his service to others. And reminded again, “…Don’t be too quick to judge a book just by it’s cover.” And if you should ever find yourself up in Tennessee.. just remember the story of Bubba and Bubba’s big feet.