Building an Evangelistic Church

By: Arthur E. Hodges, Jr.

Eccl. 11:1-6 “cast thy bread upon the water… give a portion to seven, and also to eight….. In the morning sow thy seed and in the evening…. for thou knowest not what shall prosper…..”


Matt. 28:19 Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing

Luke 14:21 Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city

II Cor. 6:1 We then as workers together with Him…

Psalms 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth bearing precious seed

Acts 8:4 They that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching

Matt. 25:35-36 I was an hungered – thirsty – stranger – naked – sick – in prison, and ye came unto me.

No other reason to justify church – but to “SEEK AND SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST…”

I. EVALUATE Prayer and Fasting

Luke 14:21

1. Streets (city)
2. Lanes (small streets)
3. Poor (ethnic neighborhoods)
4. Halt (prisons)
5. Blind (handicapped)
6. Highways (outer limits)
7. Hedges (country side)

What Are We Doing – What Are We Not Doing!

Matt: 25:35,36 “I was an hungered – thirsty – a stranger – naked -sick – in prison, and ye came unto me.”


An Evangelistic atmosphere for every service

A definite time for soul-winning

To include everyone in church on it

Not to let your people “specialize”

Not to wear out saints doing too many other things

To make soul-winning dwarf everything else

To choose your leader from soul-winners

Your methods and which ones to do first


1. Soul-winning classes

How to fish for, how to talk to, how to win

2. Altar workers classes

How to help altar call, how to bring to altar, how to pray through, how to prepare for baptism, how to receive the Holy Ghost

3. Visitation

Absentee – Sunday School
Canvass – Door to door
Prospect – Potential interest
Follow-up – Those who have attended

4. Extension

Convalescent Homes Hospitals
Street Services Prison Services
Radio Programs Tape Ministry

5. Bus Ministry

First – children
Then – parents

6. Quick – Witness

7. Conversion Kit

8. Outreach (Staker Evangelism)

Soft approach – 13 weeks
Systematic – covers community
Self-training – week by week
Anyone can do it
Everyone is included
Opens door to Home Bible Study

9. Home Bible Study

10 weeks of personal study
Sets the lessens in an informal, familiar atmosphere
Takes away the pressure of strangeness, professional
Gives initiative back to the convert
Word of God – powerful, two-edged sword


1. Challenge

Jesus expects it – Bible demands it – Preach it

2. Appeal

Each and everyone live up to their Holy Ghost.
Pray it – call for commitment

3. Reward

Social, for soul-winners; public appreciation

4. Recognition

Testimonies, help to baptize, appoint leaders


1. Sanctuary appearance, arrangement, comfort
2. Staff ushers, platform, dress
3. Children noise, actions, in and out
4. Young People sitting, talking, notes
5. Worship loud, clapping, screaming, rolling
6. Prayer attention and reverence
7. Message reverence (attention, in & out)
8. Altar Appeal conviction, assistance, music trained workers, no hub-bub
9. New Converts introductions, booklet, classes & socials
10. Friendliness acquaintance, loving attention
11. Atmosphere everything geared to soul-winning
12. Total Program is it all still pointed to LOST?

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