Bus Ministry

We have a growing bus ministry and would like to see more of the bus children receive the Holy Ghost and more of our bus parents saved.  Any suggestions?

 Several things come to mind.  First, to see the bus children receive the Holy Ghost you need to regularly provide an opportunity for them to seek for the Holy Ghost.  In many, if not most Sunday School classes, prayer time is not a regular occurrence.  So the church should consider having a monthly Holy Ghost Sunday (a Sunday in which all classes, primary to adults, teach their lessons with the intent of having an alter call at the end), or they will have a monthly Children’s church for all the Sunday School classes that is evangelistically oriented.  Many have also seen success with the ‘Super Church’ concept which provides many salvation opportunities.

Then, in addition, each year you should plan one or more Children’s Crusades with an outside Children’s Evangelist.  Many have a full week or more of services and run the buses each evening during the Children’s Crusade, as well as Sunday morning.

Finally, I am a strong believer in taking up several special offerings to provide scholarships for bus kids to attend your district youth camp each summer.  Experience has shown that many, if not most, will come back with the Holy Ghost.

To reach parents you need to provide as many opportunities as possible for the parents to visit services.  The best way to encourage them to visit is to have their child participate in some kind of children’s program:  Christmas Programs, Easter Dramas, Children’s Musicals, Children’s Choir Recitals, Sunday School Open House, Bring Your Family Day, and others have seen good success in many churches.  While you will never get all the parents to come, be thankful for those who do come and make sure they are offered a home Bible study and are properly followed up on.

Finally, encourage your bus ministry to institute the ‘ParentReach’ concept of Bus Ministry.  ParentReach is a program that encourages the bus captain to work each week on building a relationship with the bus parents and then, once they have won their friendship, they begin to encourage them to take a home Bible study and attend church.  They also look for opportunities to minister to the family during times of trial and crisis.

If you would like more information on the Monthly Holy Ghost Sunday or the ParentReach program, contact the AIS office at 1-800-800-0247 or email AIS@apostolic.edu and request file 104.