Bus Ministry and Baptism

By Dave Smith

I. Fear Is One Reason Many Do Not Follow-Up For Baptism On Their Riders That Make Professions

A. Fear of making parents mad

B. Fear of losing riders

C. Fear of rejection

D. Fear because of a lack of knowledge of “how to do it”

II. The Great Commission Has Three Parts: The Command Left To Us By The Lord

A. Salvation

B. Baptism

C. Discipleship

III. Getting People Saved Is Only A Third Of The Commission

We need to get water on the brain

IV. When We Get As Involved Getting People Baptized As Getting Them Saved, Things Will Begin To Happen

We need to get water on the brain

V. We Need To Use Wisdom In Getting Children Baptized!

A. A major reason parents won’t allow kids to get baptized is they don’t think they know what they are doing

B. Another reason is religious backgrounds that they do not want to step over

C. Another reason is false preconceived notions

1. Have to be 12 years old

2. Only adults can be truly saved

3. You have to be good to get baptized – don’t misbehave after you are saved or you didn’t get saved – kids will be kids – adults will be adults

D. Another reason is parents are too sorry to even let you explain to the child what it’s all about

VI. We Must Use God’s Wisdom And Be Conscious Of The Need Of God’s Help To Overcome These Objections

VII. Using Wisdom

A. When we approach the parents, we announce the children have been saved and we would like to make sure they understand what they did. “Could we review this with you and the child to see if they understood?”

B. Don’t even mention baptism until you are sure the child understands salvation

C. Review salvation step-by-step asking questions of the child so you know he properly understands

D. Close by asking the child where he would go if he died now

E. What are you trusting to take you to Heaven?

F. Where would you go if you died next week, next year, etc.?

VIII. After This Review Only, When You Are Sure The Child Understands His Salvation, Do You Ask The Parent’s Permission To Explain Baptism To Him

A. Explain to the parents that we do not discuss this in the classroom because baptism is only for saved kids and we want to explain this to the kids that know they are saved

B. Use a baptism tract (or Acts 8) to explain baptism step-by-step

C. Then review baptism using the review to make sure the kids understood what you have just explained

IX. Only Now Do You Ask The Parent’s Permission For The Children To Be Baptized

X. Fill Out The Parent Permission Card

It is best to get parent’s written permission

XI. Explain To Them What Will Take Place

A. We will take you to get baptized

B. The water is warm

C. You are only under the water a second

D. There are robes to wear; there is no need to bring special clothes

E. There will be a clean towel to dry off

F. There are dressing rooms for each person

G. People will be there to help you

H. After baptism, you will be taken back to your bus

I. It is important the prospect knows what will take place to eliminate any fear in their mind

XII. Who Should Do Baptism Follow-Up On Bus Riders

A. The Bus Director could do it

B. The Bus Captain could do it

C. The teacher could do it

D. Any trained individual or group of individuals could do it

E. Make sure someone is doing it. It is such a blessing to see children that have been soundly converted obey the Lord in blessed believer’s baptism.

XIII. Some Final Comments

A. To get folks baptized, you must first get them saved. To have bus riders saved, you must have your captains consistently signing up and bringing new riders. If you keep your status quo, old regular riders coming only, you won’t have many candidates for baptism.

B. Make sure your Sunday School and Junior Church is set up so the gospel is clearly presented each week. Have an invitation and trained personal workers that know how to lead children to Christ.

C. If you get new riders coming and they don’t make professions in the first few months, single them out one-on-one and attempt to lead them to the Lord on Saturday visitation or Sunday. Now you have a potential baptism candidate.

D. You must have available a list of riders that made salvation decisions. The best time to follow-up is the week after the Sunday the rider made their decision. Get this information in the hands of the people doing the work.

E. If he/she does not understand, answer questions and encourage them to keep come forward again.

F. Use this as an opportunity to invite the parents to come and view the baptism.

G. Use this as an opportunity to lead into salvation with the parent.