Bus Ministry Forms

Arthur Baglin


What Is Bus Ministry?

Extending the outreach of evangelism within, the local church.


1. To re-evaluate the importance of a child and/or adult in values other than numbers.

2. Taking the church to the door of the un-churched.


1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost .
2. Have a burden for souls.
3. Have a burden for bus route.
4. Faithful in church attendance and stewardship.
5. Consistent in efforts.
6. Behind every promotion.
7. Love children.
8. Friendly and kind, showing the Spirit of God at all times.
9. Must obey state driving laws.

II BUS (Driver’s Responsibilities)

1. Cleaned and filled with gas on Saturday.
2. Decorated.
3. Each can have his own personal promotion. (Contests, special treats, picnic, Saturday at zoo, etc.)


1. Holy Ghost filled and dedicated.
2. Friendly and kind.
3. Love children.
4. A burden to work for God.
5. Knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.
6. Faithful in church attendance and stewardship.
7. Consistent in efforts.
8. Behind every promotion.


1. Well populated with children.
2. In neighborhood of worker if possible.
3. As close to church as possible.


1. Meet at church for prayer.
2. Have promotion leaflets for children.
3. Show enthusiasm about promotion.
4. Sometimes give out a sucker or piece of gum.
5. Get the parents’ permission.
6. Consistency – never miss a Saturday.
7. No discussion of doctrine or standards.


1. Name
2. Address
3. Parents’ name
4. Phone number
5. Number of children attending


1. At 8:15 – worker starts at beginning of route to make sure children are up.
2. When completed, bus driver picks up worker and starts at beginning of route to pick up children.
3. Worker rides bus home with children also.


1. You are privileged to help ones who would otherwise be unable to get to church to learn of Jesus and about Salvation for their souls.
2. Every passenger is a potential soul winner.
3. You will never know the eternal value of your bus ministry until the records are played back in Heaven.


The workers need someone with a burden for them personally. All workers must abide by the holiness standards set up by the Pastor. They are representing the church.


As a bus worker, I appreciate the privilege that has been given me. Depending upon God , I humbly and earnestly pledge myself to the following standards:

1. My first desire shall be to see the salvation of each bus rider by praying, fasting, witnessing and being a good example.

2. I will faithfully visit my bus route or assigned area every week or as scheduled by the Bus Minister. (Unless unavoidably hindered.)

3. I will endeavor to participate to keep my bus clean and presentable as befitting a Sunday School bus.

4. As a member of this church, I will live in accordance with doctrine, and will set an example of holiness in dress, conversation, and Godly living and will attend all services of this church.

5. I will attend all bus workers’ meetings unless unavoidably hindered.

6. If at any time, through sickness or another emergency, I am unable to visit or be on my bus route, I will notify the Bus Minister or my bus driver or captain.

7. I will report each Saturday as scheduled for visitation and each Sunday at the time required by the Bus Minister or driver to run the route.

8. I will be kind, courteous, and polite; showing the love and Spirit of Christ at all times.

9. I will be faithful. If for some reason I cannot fulfill my duties, I will confer with my Bus Minister, and will surrender my position.

10. I will obey all rules and regulations of the State and the bus department as have been stipulated.
Knowing that responsibility and accountability are scriptural and absolutely essential, I pledge myself to the above rules and will do my best, with God’s help, to fulfill my obligations.

Name _________________________

Officer ______________________

Date _________________________


1. Observe speed limit set by the Pastor. (45 mph)

2. Never leave your bus with the motor running when it is loaded.

3. Get everyone in place before starting.
4. Never stop to give assistance to a motorist. You have enough responsibility of your own.

5. Stop at all railroad crossings. The law requires that you listen through an open window or door before starting.

6. Do not back into a loading area without assistance from some adult outside of the bus.

7. Start turn signal 300 feet before turning.

8. keep bus clean on the inside. This helps the children to be orderly.

9. Keep order on the bus at all times. Never allow the passengers to distract your attention.

10. Before each trip, check the rear door to be sure it will open.

11. If the children must cross the road, a bus worker must assist them.


I. Qualifications

A. Must be born again according to the Bible plan of salvation as outlined in Acts 2:38. (Faith in God, Repentance from sin, baptism in Jesus Name for the remission of sins and the infilling of the Holy

B. Must have a burden for lost souls.

C. Must be loyal to pastor, programs and leadership of our church.

D. Must be faithful to the church in all ways:

1. Attendance of the services
2. Tithing
3. Visitation and witnessing

E. Must have cleansed himself from all filth of the flesh (tobacco in any form is considered filthy) and perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.

II. Responsibilities of the bus driver.

A. Should be at least 25 years old (if possible) and have good health and vision.

B. Check the bus weekly (oil, lights, brake fluid, power steering fluid), fill with gas, and fill out report form.
C. Should keep the bus clean inside and out.

D. Be alert for any mechanical problems and report them to the bus director.

E. Should never leave bus running and unattended.

F. Must follow directions of the bus captain.

G. Must be on the bus each Sunday, with the exception of 2 Sundays off per year, also must help in finding replacements for those days.

H. Must assist the Bus captain in any way he (or she) is asked.

III. Responsibilities of the bus secretary.

A. Must be on the bus each Sunday.

B. Responsible for keeping accurate records, filling out new visitor cards and seeing that the visitors slips are given to the proper person.

C. Must be willing to assist other team members under the direction of the bus captain.


Each square must be checked for the appropriate week. If repair is NOT needed, place an “OK” in that block. If repair IS needed, place and “NR” in that block.

Bus Driver’s Name: _____________________________ Date: ______________

| Every | First | Every Oct. | Every | |
Every | Two | Sunday of | Dec, Feb. | Sept. | Every | Every
Week | Weeks | Each Mo. | April, June | Jan. | May | Nov.
| | Check | Check | | Check | Complete
Check | Check | Tire | Trans- | Change| Igni- | Tune-up
Oil | Battery | Pressure | mission | Oil | tion |
| Check | | | | Check | Check
Check | Brake and| Wash Bus | Check Rear |Change | Brake | Brakes
Water | Clutch | | End |Filter |Adjust-|
| | | Checking |Grease | |Check
Check | Check | | Steering |Inspect| |Wheel
Belts | Lights | | Fluid |Chasis | |Bearing
| Check | | Check | Clean | |
Check | (kick) | | Exhaust | Air | |Drain
Hoses | Tires | | System |Cleaner| |Radiator
Check | | | | | |
Fire | | | Inspect | Adjust| |
Exting| | | Seals | Clutch| |

Number of workers on the bus:______ Number of Pupils _________

Mileage driven per week:________ Gas: _______ Gal. at $ _____ per gal.

Oil: _______ Qts. at $ _____ per qt.

Total cost to operate that week _______

Worker’s Name

Driver’s Name

3 Week Attendance Promotion 1st Sun. 2nd Sun. 3rd Sun.

Under 6th Grade (New Ones) 1 Point | | |
| | |
| | |
Over 6th Grade (New Ones) 5 Points | | |
| | |
| | |
Parents 10 Points | | |
| | |
| | |
Total News Ones Brought | | |
| | |
| | |
Total Regular Members 1 Point | | |
Brought | | |
| | |
Total New & Regular | | |
Ones Brought | | |
| | |
Total Points

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