Outreach Magazine Editors

Child safety is an important issue to all parents, especially in light of recent child abduction tragedies. Share Christ’s love by hosting a Child Safety Fair where kids can be fingerprinted and photographed as a preventative measure. Many police and/or fire departments will come to your event free of charge and help provide this service. Take advantage of this economical opportunity to show families in your community that you’re actively seeking the welfare of their children.

* Advertise. Ask merchants to post fliers in local stores, and contact local neighborhood and community groups to help spread the word. Inquire with your local newspaper about a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Organize a team of volunteers to go door-to-door with door hangers promoting the event.
* Locate. Hold the event in a park or in your church building or parking lot. If neither is conducive, a community center might agree to hold the fair in its gymnasium for free.
* Enlist Police & Fire Departments. Call your local police and fire departments to inquire about their services. If your local law enforcement officials don’t offer this
service, there are companies that provide fingerprinting products and programs for a fee (First Impressions, Sentry Kids, McGruff). Share costs by partnering with local merchants who are also interested in supporting families in your community.
* Han Your Event. It can include fingerprinting/photography, a self-defense demonstration, safety instruction, demonstrations from a local hospital, face painting, a bounce house and games.
* Recruit. Volunteers can run or oversee each aspect of the fair. Have them wear T-shirts with the name of your church on it.
* Promote. Hand out safety whistles to each child with your church’s information or AWANA, VBS or other children’s ministries attached.
* Share A Message. Plan a sermon on parenthood or sermon series around the event. Promote the series to your community or those participating in the event.

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