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Farlie Cobb


Did you know…

Everyday millions of children are sent off to school to face problems that many of us as adults would never dream of facing on a daily basis. Guns, knives, and teenage violence are a part of the daily activities in the public schools. Drugs and alcohol have become a normal part of the scene for teenagers. If you’re not convinced our public schools are a dangerous place to send our children, you need to read the statistics put out by our government about our public schools.

Murder and rape have replaced spitballs and pulling hair, while the flu has been replaced by AIDS. Reading, writing and arithmetic have been replaced by drugs, alcohol and sex. It’s time we wake up and
realize the predicament our modern education system is in! For our children’s sake, act now.

According to the Department of Justice statistics, 65% of all violent crimes in America are committed by teenagers, the majority of which are against other teenagers. According to the March 9, 1992 issue of Newsweek, children carry more than 150,000 guns to our public schools each I school day. This is by far the most violent generation of American youth. According to a White House briefing on education,
the US graduated 700,000 students in 1986 who could not even read their own diploma, with an additional 2.3 million functional illiterates each year.

Is… Private … Better?

“We need more competition for the public school. Quality in education can only come from private schools.” (Jack Kemp) “The answer to parents for a better educational system is to pull your children out of
public schools if you don’t like them end try to get them in [private] schools.” (William Bennet, former Secretary of Education) Did you know that almost every U.S. Senator and Congressman sends their children to private schools? Nine out of ten agree, private education is better.

During the past 10 years at American Academy, we haven’t had one drug or alcohol related incident, none sold, none bought, none used, none even near our children! We haven’t had one case of AIDS, or other
sexually transmitted diseases. There has not been one case of assault and battery, not one! Our children take a nationally recognized achievement test every year and have consistently proven to be at or near the top of all other students of their age across the nation. We haven’t and will never have a student to graduate without being able to read their diploma. Quite the contrary, we have had students graduate
with the ability to enter college and ACE their entrance exams. Isn’t it time you thought more about your child’s future? Don’t wait until they’re involved in drugs and alcohol, or infected with AIDS. Please,
for your children’s sake, give us a call today and find out how you can make a difference for your child now!


Now’s the Time to Enroll your Child in American Academy

We are currently in the process of building a brand new facility for our school. We have expanded our computer capabilities, so that every student will have the opportunity to learn computer basics. Why don’t
you come by and see what we have to offer your child for the upcoming ’94-’95 school year. Although our tuition is already among the most reasonable rates in Brevard county if you act now by calling and
setting up an appointment, we will diagnose your child for free (a $45.00 value)! Isn’t your child worth it?

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