Church Janitor

Church Janitor
Bro. Shawn Green
First Apostolic Church – 2005

Job Purpose

To maintain and keep beautiful the House of God, both internally and externally. The major focus of this job will be to work under the church maintenance director in doing all of the janitorial cleaning of the interior of the church. In being apart of this team you will help make the church a better outreach tool and a more pleasant place to worship.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Must meet the qualifications of church membership.

3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.

4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.

5. Must carry a burden for the House of God.

6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm and faithfulness in volunteers.

7. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.

8. Must have a knowledge of the operation/functions of equipment and general repairs.

Job Responsibilities

* Shall attend all work days in maintaining church maintenance

* Shall clean and maintain church carpets, rugs, bathroom facilities, gutters, all waxing and painting.

* Shall service all heating and air conditioning filters bi-monthly. Shall light pilots and clean each year.

* Shall repair any equipment and or appliances under the supervision of the maintenance director.

* Shall change lights in sanctuary, foyer, and outside security when needed.

* Shall drain, clean, and change baptistery monthly and add chemicals when needed.

* Shall give inventory and purchase of all church cleaning and washroom supplies.

* All work shall be written on time cards and be submitted to the maintenance director.

Other Duties

* Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and functions.

* Shall be an example to the church in soul winning by continually involved in the Home Bible Study Ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry.

* Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service to pray.

* Shall attend all departmental meetings.

* Shall perform additional duties are required. Organizational Relationships

The church janitor is responsible directly to the maintenance director. Each year the Pastor and the maintenance director will review this job description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. Accountability will consist of a monthly maintenance report of all activities. Shall work directly with the Maintenance director. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

* Listen to “How to get people to think and act favorable with you” by Millard Bennet * * Read “Let My People Grow” by Tim Massengale
* Read additional books provided by the director

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